Yeh Hain Chahtein 10 June 2021 Written Update – Rudra saved Anvi

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Chahte is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode Rudra came to conference room and asked other staff about the arrangements. Devika came there and apologized for yelling at Rudra without knowing the truth and thanked him for saving her and she gave a gift to Rudra .Rudra said he would have done the same for someone else and returned back gift to Devika. While going out he collides with her and their mobile phone fell down. Devika said to herself that she has given perfect name “Mr. Attitude to him. Devika received Sulochna calls who informed her that Sharad’s operations should be done immediately. Devika said that her phone has exchanged with Rudra’s phone. Rudra received Preesha call on Devika’s phone and after hearing her voice ,he was about to ask but Devika came and informed that phone got exchange by mistake.
On breakfast table Arman uncle said , ” did you read the horoscope today” and it’s written that one who understands and take care you and also stands by you that person really loves you.Anvi said she is missing Devika aunty. Preesha said she will video call her but Anvi said she wants to be near to Devika.Arman asked Preesha to go with Anvi to Delhi. Preesha shocked to hear this and she said Devika internship has ended and she will come here.Anvi said she is going to cry again. Preesha doesn’t want to go to Delhi as that city has her memories with Rudra and Saransh but for Anvi she agreed to go only for one day.

Next day Preesha and Anvi arrived Delhi and Devika was happy to see them and thanked for this lovely surprise. Anvi said now it’s Toffee paly time so Devika took them to play area of hotel . Devika wanted to talk to Preesha ,so she said Anvi to play with Toffee and they will be back in a while. Both left from there.


Toffee started eating small stones and Anvi stopped him by saying it will get stuck in your throat. She was showing to Toffee and all of sudden stone got stuck on her throat. Rudra came there and he helped for the getting stone out from her throat. Anvi thanked him for saving her life and hugs him and Rudra recalls Saransh. Rudra asked her with whom she has come here and he received a urgent call ,so he left from there.

Hotel staff informed Preesha about Anvi condition. Preesha and Rudra crossed each other but couldn’t see each other. Anvi said now she is feeling better and explained how stone was stuck in her throat and a handsome uncle came and saved her. Staff member inform that their hotel manager saved Anvi. Preesha said to Devika, we definitely have some connection with him first he saved her and now Anvi. Preesha and Devika both wanted to thanks Rudra. Devika informed that Rudra shift get over and he went to home. Preesha said but we are leaving tomorrow. Devika said she will get his address and definitely thanks him.

Next day Devika reached Rudra home and told Sulochna She wants to thank Rudra for saving her niece. She saw that Sharad not feeling well and said that we have to take her hospital immediately. Devika said she will take Sulochna and Shards to hospital on her Scotty.
Preesha called Arman and informed how manager saved her and Arman said he is missing them.

Episode end.

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