Yeh Hain Chahtein 11 June 2021 Written Update – Devika saved Sharda

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Chahte is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode Anvi says,I love you Papa and ask Arman to say ,I love you Preesha .Arman says ,Love you Preesha and after that Anvi ask Preesha to say the same , Preesha says same to you.
Next day Morning Preesha comes to receptionist and ask Manager’s number who saved Anvi from a big problem yesterday. Receptionist replies that you can meet him in his office. Mr.Gupta informs on call to Rudra that his salary is quite low,so 8 lakhs amount can not be approved but he can take loan on behalf of hotel . Rudra got upset after hear Preesha dint find Rudra in his room.Rudra request to his boss to approve loan but he said ,he can’t go against the hotel rules and refused his request.

In hospital Devika completes all the formalities and requests to start treatment immediately. Doctor informs to deposit money. Sulochna tells they don’t have that money right now so stop the procedure. Devika tells that Rudra helped her ,so she will arrange money. Rudra feels sad and thinks that he has already lost Saransh, Preesha but he doesn’t want to loose her mom.

Preesha and Rudra crossed each other but they couldn’t see other . Sulochna informs Rudra on call about Sharda bad condition and they are in city hospital.
Arman calls Preesha and says that he is missing her and missing Anvi’s laugh and her mischief and her voice . Preesha says that you should have accompanied us .Arman ask Preesha to send her flight details so he can come to Airport to pick up them and disconnect the call. Arman again calls Preesha and tells that he received a message from accountant that Devika needs 8 lakhs amount.Preesha informs that Devika is not with her and she is unable to reach her .
Rudra reached the hospital and got shocked to see Devika presence there.Rudra start shouting and warns her to stay away from his personal life. Sulochna stops him and tells that Devika brought Sharda and her to hospital on Scotty.Rudra again shouts and says it would have so unsafe and if something would have happened ,who would have been responsible.Dr comes out and informs about successful surgery of Sharda and appreciate Devika to brought Sharda on time otherwise it would have been difficult to save her.

Sulochna tells we tried to book an ambulance but it was unavailable and we tried for taxi too and Devika paid for surgery and saved Sharda but you behaved very rude with her.Rudra thanks her and says that he can’t take his money.Devika replies for now accept is as loan and repay ones he get money.
Devika receives Preesha calls and informs that she is in hospital and due to network issue her phone was unreachable. She explains what happened with Sharda .Devika tells to Sulochna and Rudra that she has to catch Goa flight and her niece and sister in law waiting there.Rudra requests that he will drop her.
In the cab Devika explains that Preesha ask her to apologize and thanks to him and says since Preesha came in their life ,their life has been changed.Driver informs that Cab tyre is punctured .Devika get tensed that she will definitely missed her flight.Preesha checked in with Anvi. Devika also reached there but security guard informed that check in counter is closed. Preesha also messaged her to take next day flight as all boarding gets are closed now. Security guard informs that today is no flight .You can go tomorrow only.Rudra dropped her to hotel.
Arman is confused that what he he has to wear. His uncle teased that he wants to look good for Preesha but Arman explains that Anvi and Devika all three are coming.
Devika tells that Anvi is her niece and just for one thanks she missed her flight but Rudra says that you missed your flight because he yet not thanked her.n.

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