Yeh Hain Chahtein 12 June 2021 Written Update – Rudra enquired about Devika family

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Chahte is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the begining of the episode Rudra and Devika reaches to hospital. Rudra gets emotional after seeing Sharda.Devika says that this Angry man too cries as she thinks he doesn’t have feelings.Sulochana tells that who is heartbroken and has lost everything and now have no feelings left will definitely become stone hearted. Rudra suffered a lot.Devika wants to know about Rudra past but Sharda calls her and thanks her for giving new life and asked her, how she can return her favour? Devika smiles and tells she can love her like she loves Rudra.
Rudra wants to move to Hotel by Cab but Devika says we can go by her Scotty.Rudra said that you were supposed to leave for Goa and you were planning to leave Scotty here.Devika said ” Don’t be surprise she may even forget him in future also.On Scotty Devika ask Rudra to hold her.Rudra puts his hand on her shoulder , Devika thinks he is decent man and why she had wrong image in her mind.They both reached hotel. Rudra recalls time spent with Preesha and tells to himself that today he is missing Preesha a lot and he wants to see her and wants to listen her voice. All of Sudden, he remembers that on Devika mobile he heared Preesha voice but he questions to himself that how its possible? Devika was talking to her Bhabhi (Sister-in-law) and decides to talk to Devika for this.
Devika recalls first meeting with Rudra, their fighting and arguments with each other and he saved her from Harman.Devika received Preesha calls and tells that she is in Love with Rudra and in these two days she had seen his different sides and her mother also revealed that he is very sensitive and sweet.Preesha advised her that she should express her feelings because love cannot be multiple times and she wouldn’t get that chance again.Preesha says that for her moral support she will be on call.

House helper come with flowers but Preesha starts sneezing, Arman says to him to go out.On Call Devika asked what happened and Rudra also asked. Devika said that Preesha is allergic to flowers.Rudra asked about Arman profession , Devika said that his first love is music but they are in hotel business and they have music company in abroad and they have returned India sometime ago.Rudra questioned that your bhabhi must be singer but Devika said she is bad singer and they always make fun of her.Rudra recalls that Preesha was allergic to flower and she was also horrible singer.Devika tells that Arman ans Preesha got married six months ago.Devika says that Preesha is perfect mother, wife and friend. Rudra thinks that she must be her Preesha but got upset that now she has forgot everything and rethinks that it can be his misunderstanding.Devika happy to think that Rudra is enquiring about her Family and he has feelings for her.Devika was about to tell her feelings but hotel staff interrupts and informs that boss wants to see Rudra.Rudra leaves from there.
Preesha calls and Devika tells that she couldn’t express her felling . Preesha adviced her to stay two- three more days and express her feelings .Preesha is unaware that Rudra is Devika’s love.

Preesha comes to Arman room and she was about to fall down, Arman holds her and she feels awkward. Arman explained that they are friends so she should not feel awakward.Arman thinks Preesha consider him friend only but he loves her.
Episode end

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