Yeh Hain Chahtein 14 June 2021 Written Update – Arman lost his temper

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Chahte is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode Anvi was learning dance from Ms. Vasu ,Arman comes there and compliment Anvi that she has learnt so early. Anvi gives credit to Vasu and Vasu requests Preesha and Arman to clap for Anvi. Arman informs Preesha that he has acquired a chain of hotel and he wants to celebrate this success and wants to organise a grand party. Arman tells Preesha to buy some new dresses for herself and Anvi and requests Vasu to join them.

In the hospital Rudra informed Sulochna that Sharada is better now and discharging from the hospital but we need a full time nurse .Rudra leaves from there as he have some work in hotel. Sulochna thinks we can’t pay for medicines and hospital bills,how we can afford a nurse? She tells to Dr. that we have a clinic near to their house ,so they will hire someone from there.Devika thinks ,there was no hospital on that way when she was going there home. Sulochana must be lying due to lack of money.
Preesha reached the car parking area and called Vasu to come there with Anvi and after that she called Avinash to pick them from parking. All of sudden some goons came there and started misbehaviour with her .She shouted for help and Arman reached there and started fighting with them.Preesha recalls that Rudra also had fought for her.
Vasu came and requested Arman to leave them otherwise he will go to Jail . Preesha said we should leave now ,she was so scared after seeing all this.

Rudra came back to home and found Devika was with Sulochna and asked Devika ” you have to catch your flight for Goa”. Devika replied she has cancelled her flight and now she will stay here. Rudra said that he doesn’t need any third person and he doesn’t need her favour again. Sulochna explained that she is an angel who saved Sharda and Devika wants to help her after knowing that she is BP and diabetes patient and she can’t manage everything alone.Devika could offer more money to you but she didn’t do like that because you will feel bad.
Rudra replied he can manage everything and he doesn’t need anyone favour. Sulochna was surprised to see Rudra behaviour and told” why you can’t see Devika’s kind and helpful nature? Don’t become Stoneheart we have already lost everything. She wants to help you as a friend, you can’t find such relationship.


Preesha was giving first aid to Arman and asked Arman for his reaction in that manner , they would have left after seeing you. Arman said in anger,they held your hand . Preesha said you beat them so much ,what happened if one would have died. You could have been arrested. She said don’t do this like this after that and not for her at least.
Arman uncle said to Arman ,you are not able to hide your love .It’s visible to everyone that you are possessive for Preesha.
Vasu told Preesha that you can’t see that Arman has feelings for you. Preesha said ,he is good person and he would have done the same for other girl.

Arman uncle said to Arman that you could have thought from your mind not from your heart, you could have called the police. Vasu shouted on Preesha and said ” when will you see it that Arman loves you but Preesha was considering him friend only.Vasu said your life has stopped after Saransh death and Rudra has also left you and he won’t come back to you.Vasu urged Preesha to move on in her life and to marry with Arman.Preesha replied her feelings and love died with Saransh and the feeling she had for Rudra ,She can not have the same feeling for anyone else.

Arman uncle said to Arman to confess his feelings to Preesha and if he will react this manner in future ,he will definitely loose his friendship with Preesha.Arman agreed with Uncle and said he will propose to Preesha in the party .
Devika and Rudra spend a good time together .
Preesha is afraid after seeing lizard on bed and she was about to fall but Arman catches her in his Arms.

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