Yeh Hain Chahtein 15 June 2021 Written Update -Vasudha spots Rudra

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Chahte is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Prisha comes to Armaan and notifies him that she has prepared the guest list and now he should check one more time. Armaan inquires her about Devika and only then she informs him that Devika will come soon and adds that Devika has started liking RK.

Armaan is confident that Devika cannot make a mistake in recognizing a person, so he has full faith in her choice. Prisha suggests that they should also invite RK to the party. There Devika is with Rudraksh. Prisha calls her. Devika picks up her phone and asks how is she and did she confessed her feelings.

Devika refuses. Prisha suggests her that she should bring RK to the party. Devika agrees to this. She invites RK i.e. Rudra to the party. Rudra refuses as he does not know her family. He asks her can she show him her family photo. Devika is about to show him the photo but Sulochana asks her about Sharda’s medicine.

Devika leaves from there and Rudra is about to check her phone so that he can know if Devika’s sister-in-law is Prisha. But Devika comes there. Rudra thinks that now he will go to Devika’s house and check whether Prisha is her sister-in-law or not. He is ready to go to Goa with Devika.


There Prisha and Armaan are talking to each other. Armaan wants to tell Prisha about his feelings today and he is feeling very nervous for this. Devika comes to the hotel with Rudra. Prisha invites Devika to the hall to meet her. Rudra is happy that soon he will meet his Prisha and he will also get to know who is Devika’s sister-in-law.

However Anvi comes to Prisha and takes her with her. And for this reason once again Rudra misses the chance to meet Prisha. While Armaan gifts a necklace to Prisha and thanks her as Prisha is doing a lot for his daughter. The party starts ahead. Vasudha arrives and asks Anvi about Taffy.

Rudra is waiting for Devika. While Devika is getting ready. Rudra can’t wait for her anymore. So he leaves from there. There Anvi tells Vasudha to bring milk for Taffy. Vasudha leaves from there and Rudra meets Anvi. Vasudha is shocked to see Rudra. After this Devika comes there and takes Rudra to the party place. Armaan’s uncle asks Armaan to confess his love to Prisha. Armaan is scared. At the same time Rudra comes there with Devika. Armaan is happy to see them.

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