Yeh Hain Chahtein 16 June 2021 Written Update -Rudra mocks Prisha

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Chahte is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Vasudha notices Rudra and goes to Prisha, so that she can tell her that Rudra is here. She is about to inform her that Rudra is here. But only a waiter accidentally throws a beverage on a guests outfit. That guest gets furious and about to scold that man but Prisha handles the situation.

Vasudha thinks to tell Prisha about Rudra as soon as possible. So she goes behind her and says to Prisha that she wants to talk to her. Prisha wants to why she is looking so worried. Vasudha is about her everything but before she can inform her about Rudra, Armaan arrives there and wanna know if everything is going well. Prisha nods in yes.

Armaan notifies that he met RK. She mumbles that she also wants to meet him. Armaan takes her from there. On the other hand, Rudra and Devika are dancing. Devil’s notices Prisha. She asks Rudra if he wants to meet her sister in law. He nods in yes. After that Prisha comes to them and Rudra turns around.

He stands shocked seeing Prisha in front of him. Prisha looks so shocked. Both of them recall their old memories. Devika tells Prisha that Rudra was the one who saved their Anvi. They should say thanks to him. Rudra is shocked to see sindur on her forehead. Their eyes get moist and Prisha excuses herself saying that she needs to do some work.


Armaan gets romantic with Prisha in front of Rudra which bothers him a lot. Prisha later leaves from there. She goes into her room. Rudra also went into his room. Both of them cry a lot. Rudra and Prisha ask God that why God did that to them. Why they met each other again. Vasudha comes to Prisha and tries to console her. They then leave the room.

Devika is sitting with Rudra and Prisha comes to Armaan. She sits with him. Armaan holds her hand which bothers Rudra a lot. Prisha notices his sad face but says nothing. Vasudha and Devika are talking to each other. Vasudha is feeling uncomfortable because of Rudra. She says that Avni and Toffee are alone so she should go to them. Devika nods in yes and Vasudha leaves. Later Devika goes to her brother Armaan. She says to him that he used to make her dance on his fingers so today she wants him to dance on his fingers. Then Araman dances with Devika and Prisha is with Rudra. Rudra taunts her saying that she likes to use the ones who love her a lot. Like before she used him and now using Armaan. Prisha stands shocked.

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