Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 1 December 2021 written update – Abhimanyu finds Akshu

In the beginning of the episode, Manjuri says to Abhimanyu that she loves it when he smiles. Abhimanyu thanks her for singing for him. Abhimanyu cuts the cake and feeds everyone except Harshwardhan with his hand, he offers him cake on a plate. Abhimanyu hears Akshu’s voice and wants to check behind the wall, Neil stops him and Akshu flees. Akshu says to herself that she will finish her job given by Neil. Harshwardhan says to Manjuri that he didn’t say anything to her singing because it was Abhimanyu’s birthday but he doesn’t like her singing.

Abhimanyu in his office changes his shirt and Ruby enters while Akshu hides behind the pile of gifts. Akshu feels jealous of her. Ruby says to him that she knows he is lonely. He says he isn’t lonely as he loves someone and her presence is always around him. Ruby says to him that at least let her come close to him. Abhimanyu says he only loves Akshu. She says the same girl who cheated and left him alone. Abhimanyu gets angry at her and tells her to not dare to say anything against Akshu. Ruby says to him that he is insulting him and her father is health minister. He says to her that she can go ahead and do whatever she wants but he won’t get scared by her threats.

After Ruby leaves, Abhimanyu sits on the couch and says to himself he can feel her presence. He looks behind the gifts, and Akshu gets scared when the balloon bursts. Akshu is about to fall when Abhimanyu saves her. She stands and is about to explain herself. Neil enters the office. Abhimanyu asks him why Akshu is here. Neil says to him that he was right, it wasn’t his idea for the birthday and it was all Akshu’s idea. Neil says Akshu was the one who convinced Manjuri to sing. He says it was all to bring a smile to his face. Arohi hears everything.

Abhimanyu thinks about everything and asks her why she did it. Akshu says to him she knows that he doesn’t think she has done the right thing but all she wanted was to bring back his smile. Arohi from behind says she wanted to bring his smile like that. Abhimanyu asks Arohi to be quiet, she says that she can’t as the thing happening in this office is personal and it involves her sister so she will interfere. Arohi asks Akshu why she pretends in front of the family to be innocent and makes her look bad. Akshu says to her to not start here and they will talk at home.

Upcoming- Shefali tells everyone that Ruby has filed molestation charges against Abhimanyu and Arohi tells her family. Neil says they have someone who can be the witness. Akshu says to her family that Ruby is lying and she was present there. Kairav asks her how did she reach there?

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