Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 February 2021 Written Update – Kartik scolds Kairav

At the beginning of the episode, Gayu was telling them that she had seen Naira but Kartik was not willing to accept and told them not to discuss this anymore. Kartik overhears and went outside to look for Sirat. Vansh came and informed that Kairav is missing from the house. Kairav was running behind the bike suddenly Sirat saw him and told his friend to stop the bike.

Kartik was searching for Kairav and Suddenly saw Kairav with Sirat requesting her to come along with him. Sirat scolded him for running like this on the road. Kartik went near them and told Kairav to come back home. Kairav was telling Kartik to bring her home but Kartik was forcing him to come back. Kartik asked Sirat that why you came here? Sirat apologies and said after seeing your wife’s photo I was not able to stop myself. I felt guilty for scolding your son. Kartik thanked Sirat and requested her not to come again as it would disturb his mental peace. Kartik also apologies her for destroying her match. Kartik said from now we would not trouble you anymore. Kartik took Kairav from there and Kairav was shouting for Sirat. Sirat was also felt bad and went off with his friend.

Kairav was not willing to go but Kartik told him to accept that she is Sirat not your mother. Kairav was telling him not to let her go. All the other family members came over there and saw Kairav panicking for Sirat. Sirat was feeling guilty for making Kairav cry like that. Kartik shouted at Kairav for not accepting that she just not your mother. Manish told Kartik not to behave like this as he is very small. Family members were willing to meet Sirat.

Sirat’s friend was telling her not to feel bad. Sirat said I multiplied his pain after coming here. Sirat’s friend thought of taking her for an open ring match. He motivated her to play go there and fight for your luck. Manish was trying to make Kartik understand that Kairav is small so he needs time to overcome all this.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 February 2021 : कार्तिक ने कायरव को डांटा

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