Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13th August 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Akshara sees Anisha. She gets restless. Swarna inform Goenkas that Abhimanyu’s surgery is being postponed. She says Mahima wants Anisha and Kairav’s mehndi to be done soon. Suhasini says how they will prepare for the function so soon. Manish says they can do so that after wedding gets over they can focus on Abhimanyu’s surgery.

Akshara sees Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu pretend to be fine. Akshara says to Abhimanyu that he can show his pain to her atleast. She asks Abhimanyu not to worry and ever he will need her she will be there with him. Abhimanyu says to Akshara that he is fine. He asks her to prepare for Kairav and Anisha’s mehendi. Akshara think she can’t reveal anything to Abhimanyu. Anisha deletes her pictures and messages with her boyfriend. Akshara asks Anisha to reveal the truth before both the families starts the mehendi preparation. She asks her to confess her truth. Anisha tries to emotionally blackmail Akshara. She asks Akshara to understand her point of view too. Anisha asks Akshara to give her time.

Birlas and Goenkas discuss about Anisha and Kairav’s mehndi. Manish inform that Swarna’s brother is unwell thus she will not be available. Manjiri and Mahima asks Goenkas if Swarna will be back till wedding. Suhasini says if things will fall on place than she will be back before wedding. Akshara over hear the talk. Neil says that Akshara is hiding and hearing them. Vansh says to Akshara that it is wrong to hear the talk instead she would have been on their side. Neil says Akshara will be with Birla’s.

Akshara gets a panic attack. She calm herself by singing. Abhimanyu gets decked up. He sees Akshara sleeping and checks her. Abhimanyu send a message to Kunal and asks him to come back soon to perform his surgery. He adds Akshara’s singing and his surgery both is important, and urges Kunal to come back soon. Akshara overhears Abhimanyu’s talk.

Abhimanyu asks Akshara to get ready as everyone left already. Akshara gets restless. Anisha send sorry card to Kairav. She quotes to spend life with him. Vansh and Arohi pull Kairav’s leg seeing the card and bouquet. Kairav gets irked. Manish and Akhilesh asks Kairav about his reaction. Kairav diverts the talk and says he is stressed because of the factory issue. Birlas’ visit Goenkas. Abhimanyu talks with Akshara. He decides to enjoy Anisha and Kairav’s mehendi without thinking about his surgery or her singing. Akshara sit mum.

Goenkas and Birlas shocked seeing Kairav in casual. Manish tells everyone that Kairav is stressed and will get ready soon. Kairav asks Anisha to tell the truth. Anisha asks Kairav to give her a time. Abhimanyu decide to apply mehendi to Kairav. Kairav refuse to perform the ritual.

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