Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 May 2022 written update: Abhimanyu was busy at the hospital

In the beginning of the episode, Abhimanyu calls Akshu. Abhimanyu tells Akshu that one of his patients is serious, she asks him to not drink too much coffee. At the hospital after surgery, Arohi comes and tells Abhimanyu that Harshwardhan had sent another file. While Akshu at home waits for Abhimanyu, Harshvardhan thinks to himself seeing Abhimanyu and Arohi together that if they keep their differences away they can be a good team.

Kairav worries in his room, Manish comes there and asks him what has happened. He says to him that he wonders if Abhimanyu might have returned to Akshu or not, Manish says his patient is serious and because of that Arohi was also called. Kairav says then Akshu might be alone there on her first day. Manish says to her that he couldn’t send him away with her as dowry, Manish then says to him not to worry as Abhimanyu will handle it. Kairav then thinks to himself that he hopes Abhimanyu is able to balance work and family.

Abhimanyu has a dream of being close to Akshu in their room and spending romantic time together. He wakes and changes, with a rose arrives at his room and sees that Akshu has decorated it for him, and gets emotional. He then sees her sleeping on the couch with his shirt and headphones. He picks her up and puts her in the bed, she whispers that when will he come. He says that he is sorry and sits beside her in the bed.

In the morning, Akshu wakes and sees Abhimanyu sleeping beside her and asks him to come up to the bed. He says to her that he is sorry for disturbing the day, Akshu says to him to not say anything and go to sleep. Akshu gets away from the bed, Abhimanyu pulls her towards him and says to her that now it feels like they are married. She says to him to go to sleep as he has so much sleep in his eyes. He asks her if she won’t feel bad, and she says that she won’t and thinks that she will meet her new family.

Akshu comes to the kitchen and meets Manjuri, she asks her why she woke up so early. Akshu says that she woke very early and was looking for her only. Akshu then asks her about what she could cook for everyone for her first kitchen cook. Akshu asks Manjuri what is her favorite sweet, Manjuri tells her that she likes sabudana kheer. Akshu says she will cook what she likes, and Manjuri gets emotional as Akshu asks what she likes.

Upcoming- Manjuri at the dining table says to everyone that she was thinking that she will arrange today something as Akshu’s rituals couldn’t happen. Harshwardhan says to her that when she starts thinking, Abhimanyu drops his bowl. Manjuri tries to stop Harshwardhan from leaving, and Abhimanyu asks Harshwardhan to speak with respect to his mother. Harshwardhan says for now Abhimanyu is talking like this to him, next it will be his wife.