Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 16 May 2022 written update: Abhimanyu defends Manjuri

In the beginning of the episode, Harshvardhan says that Akshu needs to get according to the rules of the family. Manjuri nods and Akshu eases, Mahima taunts Akshu and Manjuri that they will stay at home while the others will go to work. Mahima says to Manjuri that now she has Akshu who will be with her and help her in the chores. Mahima asks Manjuri what’s her plan for today. Manjuri at the dining table says to everyone that she was thinking that she will arrange something today as Akshu’s rituals couldn’t happen.

Harshwardhan says to her that when she starts thinking, he says that they all are busy and working people so they can’t take the mental stress of the rituals. Anand says the meeting they have is online so he’ll arrange it at home, and the rituals happen at everyone’s wedding so it happens for Akshu and Abhimanyu. Anand asks Manjuri to go ahead with her preparations, she says that she has also called Goenka’s. Manjuri and Akshu sit for breakfast, Harshwardhan screams at Manjuri for not bringing her sugar-free next to his meal.

Manjuri goes to bring it and Abhimanyu breaks the plate, Harshwardhan leaves from the dining table. Manjuri tries to stop Harshwardhan from leaving and he screams at her, Abhimanyu asks Harshwardhan to speak with respect to his mother. Harshwardhan says for now Abhimanyu is talking like this to him, next it will be his wife. Abhimanyu asks him to not bring Akshu between all of this. They get in a bad argument, Anand stops them and tells everyone to get to work. Shefali asks Akshj to eat breakfast and not stress about all of this as it is common, Manjuri asks Akshu to go to her room and she will send the breakfast to her room.

Abhimanyu dances for Akshu to distract her, while she doesn’t he asks her to forget about everything and smile. She says that before anything she today saw his anger today, he says to her that she can have her opinion about the situation but she still doesn’t know about Harshwardhan as well as he knows. He asks her to get ready, and Neil comes without knocking and gets defended by Akshu. Akshu then asks them to leave as she has to get ready, he asks her to dress and freezes his brain.

Abhimanyu waits in the hall, and Akshu comes down the stairs and he gets mesmerized. She runs towards him and he opens his arms but she runs past him and hugs her family. Anand asks Akshu to break the hug as her family will think she is not happy. Akshu says that she is very happy, and Harshwardhan taunts them for making time.

Upcoming- Harshwardhan says to Anand that they have to inform that the music department will close. Harshwardhan and Abhimanyu get into an argument, Abhimanyu says that he had seen his mother’s dream being crushed and he won’t let that happen with Akshu.