Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 17 May 2022 written update: Akshu’s post marriage rituals

In the beginning of the episode, Anand sits on the couch and remains busy on his phone. Manish in courtesy apologizes to Anand if anything went missing in the wedding, Anand gets a call and asks the person to send the video call link. Manish feels embarrassed, and Abhimanyu notices this and tries to get things normal by saying that everything at the wedding was fantastic and the family was talking about it. Akhilesh asks Anand and Harshwardhan to join in, but they tell him that they have to attend a meeting and join later on.

Akshu brings the juice for everyone, and Manjuri says to the family that her daughter-in-law has brought juice for them. Abhimanyu takes everyone for a tour of the house, he shows everyone the trophy wall. He tells everyone that there is space for Akshu’s trophies, and if the space gets short he will shift his trophy to the room. Manjuri says to Abhimanyu then get it done fast as she is sure her Akshu will make a big name. Shefali whispers to Parth that if she got the same support then it would have been easy for her too, Parth says he feels the same.

Manjuri asks everyone to join in for the rituals, Neil says that he wants to change the setup. Parth and he change the milk bowl to water and give Akshu and Abhimanyu chopsticks to play, Abhimanyu wins. While, Harshwardhan gets irritated by the noise and says to Mahima and Anand that his headache is coming back. Abhimanyu after winning says to everyone that he didn’t win and Akshu let him win.

He asks her why she did it, she says to him that she did as he’s her husband and his win, is hers as aswell. He says that there is no competition or ego between them as they are one and he and she will always be happy in each other’s win. Manjuri sends the staff with snacks for Anand, Harshvardhan and Mahima. Akshu says she wants to go instead, she overhears Harshwardhan saying that the music department will shut and instead IVF will begin.

She gets emotional and comes down and sends the staff instead with the snacks. Kairav sees Akshu emotional and asks her if she is well. She says she is okay, Kairav says that he can see tears in her eyes and she can’t deny it. Akshu says that she is well and that she hit herself with her engagement ring. Abhimanyu comes from behind and He says to Kairav that Akshu is his responsibility and he won’t let her down. Abhimanyu then holds Akshu’s hand and asks her to think of him only.

While the Goenka’s take leave, they show excitement to see the music department in working. Abhimanyu says to Manish and Suhasini that he will bring them there. Akshu thinks to herself why Harshwardhan, Anand and Mahima are telling everyone about the department closing.

Upcoming- Harshwardhan says to Anand that they have to inform that the music department will close. Harshwardhan and Abhimanyu get into an argument, Abhimanyu says that he had seen his mother’s dream being crushed and he won’t let that happen with Akshu.