Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 22 November 2021 written update – Akshu thanks Abhimanyu

In the beginning of the episode, When the media arrives at the Birla hospital and asks Birla and Goenka that they heard that Abhimanyu was getting married to Arohi. Anand and Harshwardhan say to the media it’s all false it’s just a stunt to destroy both family’s reputation and Arohi Goenka is only admitted to their hospital as she had an accident. Arohi gains consciousness and Abhimanyu tells her to rest and says she might already know that as she is also a doctor.

Abhimanyu comes outside and tells the Goenka’s that Arohi is fine and they can go home as he is here in the hospital and going to celebrate Diwali with the staff. Akshu says she is not leaving without Arohi, Suhasini says if the daughters of the house are not coming home they will also stay there. Anand says to Harshwardhan to make the arrangements for the Goenka’s to stay. Suhasini says to her family that’s why she likes the family even after so much happened between the two families they are being nice to them.

Akshu sits beside Arohi’s bed and says to herself that she wants her back as she likes angry and scolding not silent on the bed. Abhimanyu enters the ward and looks at Arohi’s file and tells Akshu that she will be fine and if she needs anything he’s around. Akshu thanks Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu says to her she doesn’t need to thank him as he passionately does his duty and love. Abhimanyu asks Akshu to drink sometime or she’ll get dehydrated. Akshu stares at him and Kairav sees them from outside. Arohi sees them together. Abhimanyu notices her awake and asks her how she is, he says today’s Diwali and she should forget what happened in the past and look ahead. The family comes inside to meet Arohi and Abhimanyu leaves the ward. Akshu lights fake candles and says they can celebrate Diwali. Abhimanyu sees her from outside and says she looks so happy after seeing Arohi well.

The next day Abhimanyu discharges Arohi and the family confirms her health. Arohi asks Abhimanyu if she still has a place in his team. Abhimanyu says they are very professional and if she wants to join the place is open for her. Abhimanyu sees the whole family present except Akshu and looks for her. He finds her near the mandir praying and says to himself that Manjuri and Akshu are the same whenever he wants to seriously talk they start praying. Akshu turns and falls and Abhimanyu saves her and they lock eyes and share a moment.

Upcoming- Harshwardhan says to Abhimanyu to once bring Akshu to their house and make her say that she loves him. Abhimanyu says he doesn’t need to prove anything but he’ll bring her. Abhimanyu brings Akshu home and she says she can’t keep silent any longer as she has to confess her feelings for Abhimanyu.

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