Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5 April 2021 Written Update – Sirat is perplexed

At the beginning of the episode, Manish and his Dadi were convincing Manish for his marriage to Kartik. Manish told them don’t hurt me more while making me understand this. Sirat told her Nanny that my legs are shivering and I am getting very much worried. Nanny told her not to worry and hugs her. Manish tells his mother that you both are taking Sirat’s side. Kartik was trying to make him understand but he tells that I would not present at your this marriage.

Sirat was telling her Nanny that sometimes I remember about my past and get panicked. Nanny tells her to forget all this. Riya hears their conversation and thought about what past they are talking and thought of finding out. Sirat told her Nanny that I have to acknowledge Kartik about my past once as he also never hid anything.

Manish was sitting in his room and feeling sad about what all are happening. Riya comes to Manish and tells him that Sirat is having a dark past so you need to save him till then. Manish tells her to go and find out about her past as I wanted to know and everything about her. Riya thanked Manish for trusting her. Riya thought that I would use this topic to manipulate everyone against Sirat.

Dadi and Swarna were discussing the arrangements of the marriage and the kids were also excited for Kartik’s marriage. Kartik came there’s and tells them that there is no need of anything as I just need all your blessings. By mistake, Kartik tells that this marriage is just a fair deal. Riya left from the house and came across Sirat. Riya taunts her and leaves from there. Sirat went to Kartik to tell him about her past but he left from there for his office work. Sirat sent a text message but her phone battery dies.

Sirat was waiting for Kartik to come back and he arrived at home. Sirat was about to say something but suddenly Dadi came and took them inside. Swarna and Dadi were trying clothes on Sirat and gave him few clothes by telling him that today is a good day. Sirat’s Nanny gave money in Kartik’s hand and tells him that from today you are my son-in-law. Sirat was thinking that I have to tell Kartik everything til it gets late

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