Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 22 July 2021 Narendranath swears vengeance.

In the beginning of the episode, Kartik and Sirat bring Ranveer home. Both Kartik and sairath take care of Ranveer everyday. Ranveer askes Sirat to participate in a boxing competition.Sirat participates for him and wins. While Ranveer and Kartik watch the match from home. Ranveer looks at a tree outside his window and wonders to himself that just like the tree’s last leaf fall he will also die. He’ll watch everyday the leaves falling from the tree.

One day when Sirat brought him water to drink. Ranveer handed her a file. He tells her that this file contains not just his properties but also his responsibilities which Sirat has to look after and not let the boxing club close as a lot of girls dreams are attached to it. Ranveer also is about to tell Sirat the request that he has made to Kartik. But Kartik interrupts them and asks Ranveer to stay positive. When Sirat leaves, Ranveer says you only tell me some positive news will you accept my request. Kartik tells him to shut up and not talk about such things. And leaves him and goes to one corner of the house and imagines Naira and tells her that Sirat is strong she will take care of herself and he’ll look after her but she has to do it alone as she belongs to Ranveer and he belongs to Naira.

At goenka house, Manish looks for Kartik. Swarna informs him that Kartik is not at home and might be at Chauhan house as Ranveer is ill. Manish asks Swarna to stop Kartik from going there as Narendranath is not a good enemy to have and he is unpredictable. Narendranath comes to Ranveer’s room and tells him that he won’t spare the people responsible for his ill health which are Kartik in Sirat. He also says that Sirat is responsible for the drift between him and Ranveer. Ranveer tells Narendranath that he cannot blame sirat as his relationship with him was bad before her being in his life. Ranveer tells Narendranath that he never loved him, he only looked at him as a trophy son who had to be perfect. He then tells Narendranath that the poison in his body is not because of Sirat but is because of his bullet that he fired. Even after Ranveer trying to make him understand. Narendranath swears vengeance over Kartik and Sirat. Ranveer gets worried .

At night Ranveer is unable to breathe and he takes a look on the tree with just one leaf left to fall. He calls out Sirat’s name. Sirat wakes up and asks Kartik to call the doctor. Ranveer asks Kartik to come closer to him and tell them that he doesn’t have lot of time left. He keeps peeping out of the window to look at the tree. Sirat asks Ranveer to call the doctor while Ranveer tells him not to leave his side. Kartik tells him that he is not going anywhere, he is just calling the doctor. Kartik makes a call to the doctor and asks him to come home. Ranveer gives Sirat’s hand in Kartik’s asks them to stay together. Sirat stops him from saying such things as nothing would happen to him. Ranveer says it’s his last wish and they have to keep his word. He looks at the leaf falling from the tree and asks them to promise. Without even listening to their reply he dies. The whole family mourns Ranveer. While Sirat blames herself. Kartik informs Manish about the death of Ranveer.

Upcoming- Sirat helps Amma with a glass of water. Amma throws the water and slaps Sirat and blames her and Kartik for the misery that Ranveer had to go through. Kartik tries to stop her but she says both of them are responsible for his death.

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