Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai written update 23 July 2021 Mrs.Chauhan blames Sirat for Ranveer’s demise

In the beginning of the episode, Kartik returns from the phone call and consoles Sirat. Narendranath looks at Kartik caring for Sirat and gets angry. At goenka house, Swarna asks Manish what did Kartik say. Manish says Ranveer has gone. Maudi replies to an hospital. Manish tells them that Ranveer has passed away. Maudii falls down on her knees and starts crying, everyone tries to console her and wonder at such young age how could god take him away. Kairav over hears their conversation and says why God takes away every person that someone loves first Naira and now his bike buddy.

At Chauhan house there is a mourning meet. Amma sits shocked and close to Ranveer’s photo. When she coughs both Kartik and Sirat stand up to give water to her. Kartik passes the glass to Sirat and she goes forward to give it to Amma. Sirat says to Amma that Ranveer loved her alot and he would not be happy to see her like this. Amma slaps Sirat. She asks her to get away from her as Sirat ate her child. She accuses Sirat of spoiling Ranveer’s life since the day she walked into it, she says first Sirat took away Ranveer from his house and now from the world. Kartik tells Amma that she is upset right now and he understands but she shouldn’t accuse Sirat for anything. Amma asks Kartik to shut up as he and Sirat together are to blame for Ranveer’s death. She says that because of Kartik and Sirat’s wrong intentions she lost her child. Maori says to Amma that she is upset but Sirat has also lost her husband and she is also sad. Amma says first ask Sirat is she upset or she is happy that Ranveer is out of her way.

Kartik says that he doesn’t want this situation to get any rougher so he will leave. He asks Sirat to come along with him. He says it is of no use to stay at a place where nobody understands or respects her. Kartik says that Ranveer was right nobody would care for Sirat when he is not around so it is better that Sirat comes with him. Kartik tells Sirat that the person that needed to trust and believe in Sirat did, so she shouldn’t worry about everyone else’s opinion who don’t even know the truth. Kartik forwards his hand towards Sirat. Sirat folds her hands and requests Kartik to leave. She says that she can’t leave alone in such a delicate situation and Ranveer would be upset if she did so so she’ll stay with her family and take care of them. Manish tells Kartik that they should leave.


At goenka house, Manish is very upset with the behaviour of Mrs.Chauhan. he says that before only narendranath would use such a language now his wife is also using the same words. Manish tells that the Chauhan have come here in the past four months but they have been here all their life and they have some respect in the society which he is not ready to compromise. Kartik says he promises nobody would spoil their name. Manish says if you want to make a promise then promise that he wouldn’t meet Sirat again. Kartik says he understands that Manish is upset but he can’t make such a promise.

Seerat brings food for Amma to her room. She says to Amma that she is not aware why Amma said such a thing about Sirat and what made her think that Sirat is not loyal to Ranveer. Sirat tells her that Ranveer brought her to the house as his wife but now she will stay here as a daughter and not go away and take care of her. Amma’s face soften towards Sirat. But when she looks at Narendranath at the door she asks her to leave the plate on the table and leave. In another room, Narendranath speaks to his lawyer and tells him to hatch a plan to make Sirat and Kartik pay for their deeds. His lawyer tell him that he has already hatched a plan, he will twist some facts of the case and put out to the media and then the media will do his work and make people believe that Kartik and Sirat are behind Ranveer’s death.

Upcoming- Rajgariya calls Kartik and says that he trusted Sirat and Kartik but they broke it very badly. Kartik says he is not able to understand then Rajgariya ask him to watch the local channel in which the news anchor is accusing seerat of murder.Amma throws Sirat out of the house.

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