Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana 1 December 2021 written update -Nimmo gets angry at Guneet

At the beginning of the episode, Pritam says that he also wants to eat pakoras with tea. Amrita ask him now why he wants to eat pakoras. He says because he is hungry. She says that she wants to reach Ludhiana at the time. Pritam says that it is a road trip and they should enjoy it. Amrita says that she doesn’t want to enjoy it. She says that sometimes reaching a destination is more fun. He says that she wants to reach Ludhiana fast because that is her home and she wants to meet her parents soon.

Sukhbeer is telling Santo that he feels like that yuvraj has came to see their Amrita. Nimmo listens this and she broke down. She sits Inna chair and thinks to herself that how she didn’t get to know about all this. Sukhbeer’s words are ringing in her mind. She started throwing plates and sits on the floor of kitchen. Sonia comes to see her. She ask Nimmo why she is shivering. Nimmo ask her to go from her eyesight. She ask her what happened? Nimmo takes the knife in her hand and says that she will do something to her if she will not go from there.

Sonia goes away. On the other hand, Amrita tells Pritam that she is going to Ludhiana after 2 years. She says that last she visited Ludhiana with Karan in 2019. She says that they were about to go there in March 2020 again but then lockdown happened and Karan got busy in hospital. She says that Karan used to tell her that they will go to Manali via Ludhiana once things got normal. Then Karan took a different route which neither lead to Manali nor Ludhiana. She says that now she just want to reach Ludhiana and wants to hug her parents tightly.

Pritam asks the waiter to cancel the order of pakoras. But Amrita insist him to eat. Nimmo confronts Guneet why he hide this thing from her that Yuvraj has come here to see Amrita. Guneet says this is a lie. Then she ask him to swear in her. He says nothing. Nimmo says that it means this is truth. She hurts herself from the vase. Guneet ask her why she did this to her? Sonia comes and see her. Santo and Sukhbeer also comes. Sukhbeer shouts at her and asks Nimmo to sit down. He asks Sonia to do the first aid of her hand. Ansh has done the potty. Amrita changes his diaper and Pritam helps him.