Anupama 16 June 2021 Written Update -Baapu ji got embarrassed

Star Plus’s popular show Anupama is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Anupama informed everyone that she will went to school from tomorrow and said she will do the whole work then she will go to school. Samar said daughter-in-law will do the work. Kinjal said she and Kavya will do everything. Kavya said she also need to go to the office because Vanraj is also unemployed. Vanraj arrived in the dining area. Anupama informed Samar that they will start online classes from tomorrow. Vanraj got angry and started shouting at Anupama for insulting him.

Anupama said she didn’t said anything about him. Kinjal said Kavya has said about Vanraj’s unemployment. Vanraj got angry and leaves from there. Anupama asked Kinjal to respect Kavya. Everyone went to their room. Kavya brings food for Vanraj and said ‘come on baby’. Vanraj started shouting at Kavya for calling him baby and said Kavya always taunted him for his unemployment. Kavya asked Vanraj to find a job soon.

Neighbors asked why Anupama is staying in Vanraj’s house after her divorce? Baa heard everything and started shouting at neighbors and said Anupama is her daughter and will stay with her parents. Anupama said she is staying with her parents not with Vanraj. Neighbors leaves from there. Baa went inside. Vanraj started arguing with Anupama and said she can’t answer everyone every time. Baapu ji admired Baa for shouting at neighbors.


Anupama prepared tea for everyone. Kavya arrived in the gown to the hall. Baapu ji got embarrassed and leaves from there. Baa asked Kavya to wear something traditional in front of everyone. Anupama asked Kavya to take care of their clothes. Kavya asked Vanraj that why he never told her not to wear the night suit in front of everyone and leaves from there. Vanraj said Anupama has no right to say anything to Kavya on her mistakes. Anupama said she also lives in this family. Anupama leaves from there. Anupama prepared breakfast for everyone but Vanraj and Kavya arrived late and that’s why get nothing to eat. Anupama offered breakfast to Vanraj, but he refused to eat something prepared by Anupama. Baa said if thet want to eat something healthy like humans then they should arrive for breakfast on time. Anupama went to school.

Episode end.

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