Anupamma 6 April 2021 Spoiler – Kavya wants to trouble Shah

Show Anupama’s amazing storyline making their audience luring over it. In the episode of Anupama, we saw how Kavya becomes restless when Vanraj is not picking up her phone. While Nandni mocks her too upon her behavior. There Hasmuk understands that Lila is all this drama to get Vanraj and Anupama closer. While Pakhi tells them about curfew. Lila smiles happily thinking now Vanraj and Anupama get some more alone time. On the other hand, Anirudh comes to Kavya. He finds out that she is sad so he consoles her.

In the upcoming of Anupama, we are going to see that Vanraj and Anupama will be coming back from the picnic. And Vanraj will asks Anupama that when should we tell the family about our divorce date. Anupama says nothing over it. While Kavya will get to know about the divorce date and she will think to give that shock to Shahs. Later when Vanraj will come back Kavya will mock him saying they are a great couple who are going on a picnic when their divorce date is coming near.

Will Vanraj give divorce to Anupama. Will he change his heart?

It is going to be so interesting to see what will happen in your favorite show Anupama. Keep watching this space to get further updates.

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