Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11 February 2021 Written Update – Rajeshwari accepts as her daughter-in-law

At the start, Veer asks about Pinku to which Rani says to Veer that “ Pinku will not come with us, he will stay here for his studies because I don’t want to ruin his childhood ”, to which Veer agrees, Rani’s grandmother gives Veer some money as a gift, then Veer, Rani and Vikram sits in the car and moves away.

In the palace, Kumud with her large emotional going to exit palace, Rajmata sees Kumud and she says to Kumud that “ where you are going with this large bag ”, to which Kumud says to Rajmata that “ I have some work in my village, so I am leaving this house forever ”, to which Rajmata says to Kumud that “ you are a very old servant of this house, you can tell me the true reason of your leaving this house if you don’t tell me the truth I will not let you to go anywhere ”, Kumud denies, to tell the truth to Rajmata, then Rajmata says to Kumud that “ now you have to take the permission of Rajeshwari before leaving this house and you should make a tea for me and yourself ”, then Kumud walks away to make tea.

Near a tea stall, Vikram stops the car, Vikram goes to take tea for all, Veer and Rani talks to each other about today’s matter, Veer apologizes for his behaviour to Rani, to which Rani says to Veer that “ I am an adjustable woman, I can tolerate anything, and after today’s matter I have respect for you because you came back in my village just to save me and I am also forgiving your mistakes ”, to which Veer says to Rani that “ I will really try my hard to not make any mistake but I know I can’t fulfil this statement and I will repeat doing mistake and I will also apologize for a mistake like this, now we have to face my mother together ”, and then Vikram comes there, and he gives both of them tea.

At night, they all arrive inside the palace, they find lights are off, then suddenly lights get on, and they see Rajeshwari standing in front of them, Digvijay, Rajmata, Nandini and all servants also come there. Rajeshwari moves closer to them Rajmata tries to stop her but Rajeshwari ignores Rajmata. Rajeshwari says to Rani that “ when the first time you came in this house as my servant’s daughter I didn’t welcome you, then you came in this house as Veer’s wife I didn’t accept you and today you returned in the house even after my order and now everyone accepts you as Veer’s wife and today Veer also accepted you as his wife, why I leave them behind, so I have decided to accept you as my daughter-in-law with your full respect ”, then Rajeshwari orders Kumud for a pooja thali and Rajeshwari does welcome pooja of Rani and Veer together, Rajeshwari asks both of them to touch her feet, then Veer and Rani together touches feet of Rajeshwari, to which Rajeshwari gives them blessings. Then Rajeshwari gives her royal golden bangles as a gift to Rani, Rani first denies to take them but Rajeshwari manages to give Rani that bangles and Rajeshwari say “ now Rani will be recognised as Veer’s wife and we will place a portrait of Rani in the hall so that everyone gets to know Rani is a member of this family ”. Rajmata in her mind thinks that something is wrong with Rajeshwari, and Digvijay thinks that Rajeshwari is planning some big challenge for Rani. {Episode Ends}

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