Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5 April 2021 Written Update – Rani got kidnapped!

At the beginning of the episode, Digvijay tells Rajeshwari not to worry because I will bring you out from here. Veer told her I will find out who has recorded that video of yours. Rani gets a call from Ramadheer and he asks about everyone. Rani tells him everything is fine here. Ramadheer feels as like something is not perfect so he asks Rani again is everything fine? Rani was about tell him but someone started knocking on Ramadheer’s door. Ramadheer opens the door and few people started asking him about that case. Ramadheer gets confused and asks them what happened? One of the reporters informs him about Rajeshwari’s arresting and he gets shocked.

At Rajeshwari’s house, 2 men with masks get inside the house and cut the electricity. Then they both went inside and came across a helper. He asked them who are you? They said we are from the electric department we got a complaint from this house. Then they went inside and kidnapped Rani. A piece of cloth fell down during kidnapping.

Rajmata was thinking about Rajeshwari and getting worried. Suddenly Kumud came to her and ask about medicines. Rajmata scolds her and told her not to interfere in our personal matters. Kumud tells her that because of my one mistake you always keep on taunting me. Rajmata told her to stop crying and I would take my medicines soon.

Nandini came shouting Rani’s name. Rajmata asked her what happened why are you behaving like this. Nandini told her that this is all because of Rani. Bijru came at that moment and heard Nandini. Birju told her that rich people always use your money power to hide the truth and because of that, we need to suffer. Rajmata told them not to fight like this as is not the correct time to argue.

At jail Rajeshwari faces trouble due to humidity and other female criminals tease her. Nandini tells Rajmata that Rani wants to Rajeshwari’s place so she did all this. Birju shouted at Nandini and tells her not to blame Rani. Suddenly Veer came and warned Birju not to talk with my sister. Nandini tells Veer that Rani has made that video and showed it to the police. Veer told her that she can do anything like this. Nandini decided to ask her directly but Rani was missing from home.

Afterward, Birju blames Veer for kidnapping Rani to save Rajeshwari. Veer told him not to blame me like this as she is my wife. Kiara comes there and tells Veer to believe Nandini what she is telling. Veer gets a video call on which Rani was seen tied with rope. The kidnapper told that Rajeshwari should be out of jail within 48 hour’s or she will dead. Veer told him that we are trying to bring her out. The kidnapper told her that I want to take my revenge on Rajeshwari so I want her as soon as possible.

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