Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6 April 2021 Written Update – Veer get’s a vital clue

At the beginning of the episode, the kidnapper tells Veer over the video call that I want Rajeshwari out of Jail within 48 hours because I want to take an act of old revenge on Rajeshwari. Birju’s thinks that there might be someone from this family then only he didn’t demand any money. Veer went to his room and start searching for any client who could take him to Rani. House staff informed him that 2 men came to fix the power cut. Veer tells they might have cut the power first then he took Rani with themselves. Veer was getting tensed and Vikram was telling him not to worry.

Birju started blaming Veer for all this happened to Rani. Kiara tells them to threw Birju from this house. Veer found a cloth piece in his room. Suddenly Rajmata fell unconscious and Veer rushes to her. Veer tells Champa to bring her medicine fast. There Rajeshwari was not comfortable sleeping due to bad smell. Rajeshwari thought tomorrow my family would arrange something to bring me out from her as I can’t resist this bad smell.

Rajmata regains her consciousness and Veer told her not to worry about anything. Rajmata asked him about Rani. Veer told her that I would bring Rani and Rajeshwari both back to home. Veer came out of the room and thought Rani did her best to save me so now it’s my time to protect her. Birju informs Ramadheer about Rani’s missing. Birju was telling him that everyone in this family are involved in Rani’s situation. Kiara came to Birju and tell him that you are taking is wrong as we haven’t done anything. Birju told her that you have risked Rani’s life to save Vikram came there and told Birju to go and find her if you are a true friend of her. Veer also came there and told them to stop your argument as this is not the correct timing for it.

Veer tells Vikram that I have found a clue to track Rani. Vikram asked him about that clue. Veer told him that I found a cloth piece of the kidnapper which might have fallen down during kidnapping. There was dry cleaning I’d through which Veer got details about the kidnapper. Veer along with Vikram and Birju went to Sooraj’s house. There Veer threatens him to reveal about Rani’s location. Veer went to a location where Rani was kept previously. Veer got another Video call in which the kidnapper told him that if you try to find me again then I might kill her.

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