Barrister Babu 6 April 2021 Written Update – Bondita is upset

At the beginning of the episode, Manorama asks Bondita to open the door but she leaves and only then she collides with the revolutionary man. The letter gets sticks to the dupatta of Bondita. He thinks that in that letter their is a remedy of bomb-making. If Bondita will Find out then Manorama will gets into great trouble. He says he needs to do something. On the other hand, Manorama somehow manages to escapes from the room. Then she thinks to distract Bondita. So she shouts for Anirudh.

Sampoorna thinks why Manorama didn’t create any mess yet. She wonders if bhang works on her or not. But then Anirudh acts strangely as he has drunk that glass of bhang thandai. Trilochan scolds Bihari for that thinking he adds bhang in his Thandai. While Bihari says he didn’t did it. Manorama grabs Bondita and throws colour on her and then she gets that latter from her. Anirudh is high because of bhang and then only he tells everyone that his marriage is fake. Trilochan is shocked upon this.

He gets him to the corner and asks what do you mean by fake marriage. Anirudh laughs weirdly and asks him to call Manorama and Bondita. He is about to spill the beans. Manorama wonders what is wrong with him. Anirudh says he will take steps forward to his favorite wife. He goes to Bondita saying she is his favorite. Bondita is happy. Manorama is scared. Anirudh is about to reveal the fake marriage truth but Manorama make him shut up. Anirudh says now will want to give something to them. He asks Bihari to get his stuff. Bihari does the same. He brings two gifts. One is for Bondita and one is for Manorama. Anirudh takes it.

Bondita is excited for a gift but gets upset when Anirudh gives her cooker saying she only wants to be a good bahu. Then it will be helpful for her. And give a typewriter to Manorama. Bondita gets irritated. She is so unhappy that Anirudh has forgotten his promise while Anirudh mocks her saying that now she can cook good food. She gets unhappy with it too. Anirudh is happy as now he can make realize that important study is for her. He says now he will use Bondita’s anger on her only and only that is how she will understand that why he dif this drama. Episode end.

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