Choti Sarrdaarni 11 February 2021 Written Update – Meher saved Karan’s life!

At the beginning of the episode, Meher removed all the snow and took him out from there. Meher saw Karan was in an unconscious state, so she shouted for help. Karan saw Meher as her fairy godmother. Sarab called Karan’s teacher and requested her to make Karan talk with him. The teacher gets to know that Karan is missing from the bus. Sarab got tensed and shouted at them for the carelessness. Meher picked Karan and brought him home. The doctor told Meher that due to staying under the snow, his organs are not responding. The doctor suggested an injection, which was too costly. Meher said the doctor to start the treatment as she would bear all the cost.

Sarab left for Kashmir by road as there were no flights available. While the doctor was injecting, Meher recalled her past moment. The teacher called Sarab to inform us that we couldn’t find Karan, so we are now at the police station to file his missing complaint. Sarab called at the guest house to cross-check as he is there or not. Sarab didn’t get to know about him as he lied his name over there. Meher was praying for Karan’s recovery. Kulwant was thinking that now Meher would get to know about the pain of losing someone.

Sarab was driving fast to reach there and find Karan. Meher was sitting beside Karan for the whole night. Seher slept over there near Karan. Karan opened his eyes and told Meher that you are my fairy godmother, and you would help me to find my mother. Seher scolded Karan for talking like a foolish boy. Meher asked Karan, that how come you feel inside that hole. Karan acknowledged that I was searching for my fairy godmother, suddenly 2 men’s started following me, and I slipped into that hole.

The police officer told Sarab that after interacting with the other children we came to the conclusion that your son is not missing, he escaped from the bus. The police officer said, your son use to tell imaginary stories to other children’s and it seems like he stays in some another world. Seher and Karan were arguing, Meher came and made them handshake with each other.

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