Ghum hai kisikey pyaar mein 5 April 2021 Written Update – Sai helps Devyani to escape

At the beginning of the episode, Sai and Devyani were secretly escaping from the house. Suddenly Bhawani stops them and asked what are you doing here alone? Sai looked for Devyani all around but she was not there. Bhawani asked her what are you looking for? Sai said nothing. Bhawani told her that without you all are enjoying the Holi function very much so don’t come back to the function. Sai told her not to worry as I would not come there. Sonali came and told Bhawani that Barkha is leaving. Bhawani told Sonali to stop her as I am bringing few stuff for her.

After Bhawani left from there Devyani came out and told Sai that I saw Bhawani coming here so I hided at the corner. Bhawani went to Barkha and gave her few gifts for the sake of love. Sai and Devyani found that the back door was locked so they decided to escape from the front door. Sai told Devyani to hide your head with this pot and just follow me.

Sai and Devyani were escaping from there with lots on there head. Virat noticed pots moving and tells Sunny to have a look on those pots. Sunny and Virat both were out of there senses so they thought they have consumed a lot of cannabis. While escaping Devyani was looking at her family and told Sai that I will miss them. Sai told her not to worry once you get married to Pulkit then you may come here. Sai calls the cab driver but he was late due to Holi. Devyani was insisting Sai to walk slowly as I have came out after many years.

Niand and Omkar were thinking to give a company to Barkha till her car. Sonali tells Omkar that after she would leave I will teach you a lesson. Devyani sat in between and was not able to walk more. Virat came with Barkha to his car and there he noticed Sai and Devyani leaving in a cab but he thinks that o haven’t confessed my love to her so Sai is visible to me everywhere.

Pakhi’s parents came and Bhawani welcomes them. Bhawani tells Pakhi to take them and provide them with snacks. Sunny and Virat came across. Sunny gave him a drink after which he realized that I need to talk with Sai. Virat went to room but she was not there, so he thought Sai would be in the kitchen. Madhuri was telling Pulkit that you should bring Harini as you would get a chance to watch his father’s marriage. Pulkit told her that I . having doubt that what would happen next so I left her in relative’s house.

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