Imlie 13 February 2021 Written Update – Dev gets emotional.

At the beginning of the episode, Imlie sees Mithi’s painting and gets surprised. Imlie asks Dev who painted her mother painting. Dev is silent. Dev’s mother comes and asks Imlie that he painted Pagdandia’s pictures a lot and make her village more beautiful. Imlie sees the painting and gets happy. Imlie thanks Dev for the painting. Dev’s mother shows Imlie a painting of Pagdandia and said that the village is so beautiful. Anu sees them and asks Imlie that she see all painting. Imlie said yes.

Aditya comes to Malini’s house to take Imlie. Dev asks her to sit. Aditya said that he is being late. Dev’s mother asks him to stay a little longer and have lunch with them. Anu comes and taunts Aditya. Aditya is there and Dev apologizes on behalf of Anu. Aditya apologize for their mistakes and said that he shouldn’t have done this.

Satyakam calls Aditya and asks him to give a call to Imlie. Aditya said that Imlie is in the kitchen. Satyakam waits. Aditya goes to the kitchen and asks Imlie to go. Imlie said that she is making medicine for Anu. Aditya said that she is gone mad. Aditya said that Mithi calls him. Imlie hears it and runs towards the phone. Dev calls Mithi from Aditya’s phone. Mithi receives the call and hears Dev’s voice. Mithi gets shocked. Dev starts crying. Mithi leaves from there without talking to Imlie. Imlie comes and asks Aditya to call again.

Aditya asks Imlie to sit on the bike. Imlie doesn’t know how to sit on the bike. Aditya asks her not to do drama. Imlie said that how can she sit on the bike. Aditya said that sit like Malini. Imlie sits on it and hold Aditya. Anu sees all this and does a video call with Malini. Anu shows everything to Malini. Malini gets upset. Anu misunderstands Malini. Malini sees everything from a video call. Aditya and Imlie go together on the bike.

Episode end

Imlie 13 February 2021 Written Update – देव भावुक हो जाता है।

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