Imlie 21 June 2022 written update: Jyoti traps Imlie

At the beginning of the episode, Aryan calls Imlie and ask why she brings Madhav to the hospital alone. Aryan says that Sundar and Arpita told him about her. Imlie thinks that they maybe try to save her. Aryan ask her not to take too much stress in pregnancy. Imlie gets hit by Jyoti and faints. Aryan feels weird and search for Imlie. Narmada and Neela comes to talk to Imlie. Sundar and Arpita takes Imlie’s place. Narmada ask Neela to let her rest.

Jyoti asks Harry to keep Imlie to the safe place. Aryan is finding Imlie everywhere. Neela sees the shoes of Kerry and about to say but Narmada ask her to come out. Jyoti brings Imlie to the morgue room and ask Harry to keep her inside. Aryan is asking to everyone about Imlie. Jyoti keeps Imlie inside the room. Aryan sees the sleeper of Imlie and comes in morgue room. Imlie is locked inside the box. Aryan feels weird and think where he should find her. Aryan Shouts for Imlie. Imlie get up and tries to come out. She tries to open the box and shouts for Aryan. Imlie says to listen to her. Imlie feels unwell.

Arpita and Sundar is thinking about Imlie. They saw the thief and goes to beat her. They beats her badly. Aryan is thinking to find Madhav. He saw Madhav unconscious. Aryan thinks that he will find her anyhow. Jyoti and Harry runs out from the hospital. Harry says that they will get caught. Jyoti ask not to say anything otherwise she will kill him.

Neela comes to the hall and ask Narmada that Imlie and Kerry beats her too much. Neela says she is feeling so pain. Arpita and Sundar comes and thinks that they beats her. Neela says that she feels cold that’swhy she wear the shawl. Narmada looks on.

Jyoti comes to the house and puts Tilak on their head. Jyoti comes to them and ask what happened. Jyoti says that they are doing Pooja and doing meditation since morning. Narmada looks on.
Preeta is putting ointment on Neela’s body. She ask to put it on the right place. Neela says she will not spare Imlie and Kerry. Narmada comes to the Arpita and ask her that they should go to see her Pooja. They gets excited and goes to her room. Jyoti ask Harry to celebrate for her success. She ask her to make a drink for her. They start drinking. Narmada and Arpita comes there.

Upcoming story: Imlie is lying on the stretcher. Aryan hand touched with Imlie. He feels Imlie and goes behind her.

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