Imlie 9 April 2021 Written Update – Aditya agrees to cook

At the beginning of the episode, Imlie and Aditya talk about the relationship. Malini comes home and sees darkness inside. Malini on her flashlight. Malini thinks where is everyone. Aditya holds Imlie’s hand. Imlie looks on. Imlie and Aditya talk about the result. Aditya asks not to worry about the results. Malini comes inside. Aditya thinks that Imlie will go. Aditya asks Malini that she should come tomorrow. Malini said that she wants to come at night. Aditya looks on. Nidhi asks Imlie that she put the candles inside. Imlie nodes yes. Nidhi asks Imlie that her work is done. Imlie looks on.

Malini and Aditya talk about their relationship. Aditya taunts Malini about she call on the landline not him. Malini said that she is worried about him. Aditya said that she should call him instead of calling on landline. Malini looks on. Malini thinks that she shouldn’t believe on Anu’s words. Malini gets tensed. Imlie is doing pooja for her results. Everyone is getting irritated from sounds. They said that she is doing pooja for her results. Tripathi’s is also listening to his songs. Everyone looks on.

Everyone comes to Imlie and asks her to turn the volume down. Imlie told everyone to do pooja for her. Everyone asks her to wait. Imlie asks that Tripathi should turn the volume down. Everyone laughs on her. Imlie looks on. Everyone is doing pooja with Imlie. Everyone gets Happy. Malini asks that Aditya is coming. Aditya takes picture of Imlie. Malini sees the picture. Malini thinks that she misunderstood Aditya. Malini looks on.

Aparna asks Imlie about her favorite dish. Imlie said that kadhi chawal is hee favorite dish. Everyone gets happy. Rupali praises her choice. All men’s said that he will make Imlie’s favorite dish. Everyone looks on. Aditya said that he wants to Cook. Malini looks on. Malini thinks that Aditya never cooked anything before, but he agrees to cook for Imlie. Malini gets tensed.

Tripathi and Aditya cook food together. They start making kadhi. Tripathi is messed up in the kitchen. Everyone laughs at them. Imlie asks not to do anything. Imlie comes out of the kitchen. Imlie asks them that she will clean everything. They ask Imlie to go. Everyone is at the dining table. They taste food. Everyone said that the food is too spicy. Malini looks on. Aditya Apologize to everyone. Aditya looks on.

Episode end

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