Kumkum Bhagaya written update 21 July 2021 Rhea and Siddharth to get married

At the beginning of the episode, Ranbir and Prachi collides with the bride and groom. They ask them from which side they belongs to? But Ranbir distracted them and goes away from there. Rhea and Siddharth were also roaming here and there to save themselves from Jack and Jenny and also from the police. Rhea’s hand and Prachi’s hand collides with each other but they don’t see each other. Later, Rhea ask Siddharth what will they do now? Then Rhea pretends as Bride’s friend in front of some guests. Then they both sees jack and Jenny and goes in a room to hide.

They enters the room of bride and groom. The groom tells them that he knew that they don’t belong from either of the side. He ask them what are they doing here otherwise they will call the police. Then Siddharth narrates him everything. He tells him that he met Rhea in a club and about to ask her for a dance but Police raid that club as they were finding jack Jenny, the drug dealers. Rhea tells him that Jenny smartly puts the drugs in Siddharth’s pocket and to save him she told a lie to police that she is the wife of Siddharth.

They both ask for the help from them. Then the bride ask them to wear their clothes as they have extra pair of clothes and by wearing their clothes they can easily run away from there. Then Rhea and Siddharth gets ready in the attire of bride and groom. They tried to run away from there but police arrives there and their relatives ask them to come to the mandap. Siddharth tells Rhea that they don’t have any option other than to get married. Rhea refuses to do this. But she sees jack Jenny are still there and trying to find them, so she agreed to marry him.


They both goes to the mandap and the wedding ceremony started. Siddharth tries to call Ranbir from another phone but he didn’t pick up the call. On the other hand, Sushma sees Abhi on the road. She stops her car and ask him that he always tries to come closer to Pragya. She tells him that he didn’t do the right thing to Pragya in the past and her happiness lies in being away from you. He tells her that he can’t stay away from her because Pragya herself is not able to stay away from him. He tells her that very soon he and pragya will be together again. Meanwhile, Rhea and Siddharth got married. Prachi and Ranbir also sees them.

UPCOMING EPISODE- When Siddharth goes back to Delhi with Rhea and Pallavi sees him married, she ask him to leave the house. but when Rhea call her Pallavi aunty and shows her face to Pallavi, Pallavi remains shocked.

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