Kumkum bhagya 11 June 2021 Written Update -Pragya gets Tanu’s confession

Kumkum bhagya is keeping their audience amazed with it’s interesting storyline and drama.

At the beginning of the episode, Pragya tells Tanu that Abhi will always hate her. Pragya is trying to provoke Tanu. Tanu says I know he hates me and it’s all because of you. You broke our relationship and because of you he let me out of his house. Tanu tells her that Yes, she falsely accuses Abhi, to get married to him as this is the only way left. She also confesses that she hides that recording of her confession and removes all the evidence against her. Tanu confesses each and everything, and it gets recorded in Pragya’s phone.

Later, they gets into the fight and Tanu tries to inject Pragya with the truth serum, but ends up injecting herself. Then Pragya checks the recording and leaves from there. She informs Abhi that she gets the recording. Alia goes to tell everyone but Pragya stops her and says in place of Tanu she will get married to Abhi, first. Alia assures Pragya that she will send someone to take care of an unconscious Tanu to avoid making Mr Singhania suspicious.

Meanwhile, Ranbir recalls his moments with Prachi and thinks to stop his wedding with Rhea otherwise his life will be destroyed. Ranbir packs his bag and tries to escape from there. While Alia tells Rhea, Prachi and Mitali that Pragya gets the confession of Tanu. Ranbir is driving and he hits a car and there he come to know that Pradeep is there in the car. He is drunk and is saying that Tanu has betrayed him. Ranbir says he still have chance to stop Tanu from betraying him if he reveals the truth to judge.

Pradeep agrees to go with Ranbir. Rhea and Prachi go to Abhi’s room to help him get ready. The judge calls Alia and ask her to connect him to the video call as he is not able to come at the wedding. Ranbir informs Abhi that he found Pradeep and he agrees to expose Tanu in front of judge. Then, Pragya arrives Abhi tells her everything is going alright as you get the confession of Tanu and Ranbir found Pradeep who is ready to expose Tanu. They decided to tell the truth to everyone after they gets married.

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