Kundali bhagya 12 June 2021 Spoiler – Police come to Luthra house

In the upcoming episode, Karan wants to surrender himself and tells this thing to his family. His family looks sad. He adds that he will tell the Police saying that the thief stole Police stuff so he chased them. Police will come to Luthra house and will ask Luthra’s about Karan.

What will Luthra’s say?

Up till now, Kritika thinks that she should play a prank on Deepali’s patients. She thinks that she will open the door. There Sherlyn does not know that Kritika is with Deepali. Just then Prithvi gets a call from Megha. Seeing this, his hair rises. There Karan comes into the Luthra house. But he is unconscious. The Luthra family is shocked to see his condition. They question Sameer and Srishti who is with Karan. Srishti lies to them that Karan has got bail. She also says that Karan is unconscious because he had a small accident. Later Karan informs them that he has not got bail.

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