Kundali bhagya 15 June 2021 Written Update -Kritika interrogates Prithvi

Zee Tv’s popular show Kundali Bhagya is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode, Prithvi comes to Deepali’s house. Deepali welcomes him. Kritika is standing behind the door. She sees Prithvi there and gets shocked. She wonders what Prithvi is doing here. She goes to him and asks him what he is doing here. She wants to know if he is Sherlyn’s husband. Prithvi is in deep shock and does not know what to say. While Kritika looks damn angry and keeps asking him questions and he stands silent.

There Rakhi wants her son not to leave her and go anywhere. She asks him to stay with her. Karan is shocked to hear her words. He also gets emotional and his eyes get moist too. But at the same time, he knows that his mother is wrong so he doesn’t wanna hear her. Then Rakhi gives a voice to Srishti. She comes to her and asks why has she called her here. Rakhi then tells her that she knows her son is stubborn and will try to leave the house. So she is about to lock the room and wants Srishti to take care of Karan.

Srishti whispers fine. Rakhi locks Karan in the room and leaves from there. While Preeta wants to stay with Karan. Rakhi has no problem with this. After this Rakhi thanks Srishti as she is helping her a lot. She hugs her. Srishti looks happy. There Deepali comes to Sherlyn and tells her that Prithvi has come here. And her sister in law Kritika is also here. Sherlyn is shocked to hear Kritika’s name.


She thinks about how Kritika can come here. She asks Dr if she knows Kritika. Dr informs her that Kritika is her friend. Sherlyn is shocked. She now doesn’t know what should she do. She wants to hide and secret that She and Prithvi are in a relationship so she thinks of creating a fake story. There Karan wants to know whether Preeta liked him before marriage. Preeta does not answer this and further tells him that Sherlyn has murdered Akshay and Mahira is innocent.

Karan stands shocked. He does not believe that his brother’s wife can do this. There Kritika interrogates Prithvi. Prithvi tries to calm her down. Then the Dr comes. She tells Kritika that he is not Sherlyn’s husband. Kritika breathes a sigh of relief. Prithvi leaves from there. Kritika finds out that he is upset as she interrogates him. Then only Sherlyn comes there. On the other hand, Mahira wants to meet Karan. Srishti stops her. She is not listening to her then Pammi comes there and helps Srishti.

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