Kundali bhagya 7 May 2021 Written Update -Karan shifts the blame on himself

At the beginning of the episode, Preeta’s lawyer says that bring Ruchika here she will tell that Preeta is not guilty. But Akshay’s lawyer says that all the evidence is against Preeta. He says that both Preeta and Kritika goes to the hotel where Akshay is staying and in a fit of anger Preeta hit his head with a wooden tray and which led to his death. On the day of Holi, she goes to the hotel to delete the CCTV footage so that not a single evidence will remain against Preeta and Kritika.

He says I request you My Lord that after seeing all the evidence against Preeta she should be punished for Akshay’s murder. Judge says that after seeing all the evidence it is proved that Preeta is guilty. When the judge is about to announce his verdict Karan interrupts and says Preeta is not guilty she is innocent. He says I have killed Akshay. Everyone is shocked to listen to this. Preeta says why are you doing this Karan, please don’t do this. His mother, Kritika and Mahira says please don’t do this you haven’t done anything and tell this to court.

Karan says to the Judge that I’m not lying and whatever I’m saying is true. Preeta is crying. Karan says that Kritika has not done anything, in fact she is about to get married to him but Akshay started blackmailing her. She tells this to Preeta so she goes to meet Akshay in a hotel in which he is staying. But he is trying to molest her so to save herself she hit his head with the tray. And then she leaves the hotel. Akshay is not dead at that time. He says Kritika called and told me about all this.

After this I got angry. Then I go to the hotel to meet Akshay. While we were talking we started fighting. Our fight escalated and I got very angry and in that anger I murdered Akshay. Preeta says why are you making stories. She says he is doing all this to save me. Judge says are you sure about what you are saying. He says yes. Then judge announces his judgment and ask the police to free the Preeta and to arrest Karan. He says file a new case against Karan Luthra.

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