Kundali bhagya 9 June 2021 Spoiler – Shrelyn wants revenge!

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Sarla will come to meet Karan but the police will stop her. Sarla will ask him to let her meet. He will get angry and order her to leave. There Rakhi will feel that something is wrong with Sherlyn while Sherlyn will plot against Luthra.
What is Sherlyn planning?

Up till now, Preeta finds a letter and she gets to know that this letter is written by Akshay and he is blackmailing Sherlyn. Preeta receives a call and gets to know that Karan has been shifted to another jail. She thinks that she should talk to Megha alone. While Megha and Ruchika threaten Prithvi and says we know you are here because of Sherlyn. they say we will give you 24 hours to give us 70 lakh rupees if you want that phone to remove the evidence. Megha says don’t you dare to come here again. Meanwhile, Sherlyn thinks something is wrong. Later Prithvi informs her about Megha’s demand. Sherlyn says from where we will arrange 70 lakh rupees. Prithvi says don’t worry I’ll handle everything.


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