Nobita and Shizuka are going to marry !

We all love ‘Doraemon’ and we all also know the fact that Nobita loves his friend Shizuka for a long time. Now an enormous change is going to happen in their life. Their wedding is going to the upcoming movie. Yes, that’s true!

‘Doraemon’ is certainly within the most viewed cartoon shows in India. This fiction character coined by Fujiko Fujio is a robotic male cat that dates from the 22nd century. Children love Doraemon, they also just like the boy in whose house Doraemon lives. Yes, we are talking about the naughty kid Nobita. Everyone knows what quantity Nobita loves his friend Shizuka for a protracted time.

He is always trying to impress Shizuka, sometimes the two get into a fight but despite this Shizuka and Nobita are best friends. However, now the time has come to take the story forward and now a successive film of Doraemon goes to be released within which Nobita and Shizuka’s wedding are going to be shown. The film is a sequel to a released film and also the movie name is ‘Stand by Me Doraemon 2’.
While the first part of the movie was about Nobita and Doraemon’s first meeting and their adventure, the sequel will be about Nobita’s marriage to his best friend Shizuoka.

The film has been released in Japan in November 2020 and therefore the film goes to be release in international level by February 2021, CBI Pictures has shared this news on Twitter and with this, the marriage of Nobita and Shizuka is starting to trend on social media, crores of fans who like this cartoon character sharing their emotions by tweeting on social media.

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