Pandya Store 25 January 2022 written update: Dhara get shocked

At the beginning of the episode, Shiva arrived at the store room and found Dhara with that small baby. Dhara asked Shiva to stay away from her baby and said she will leave this town. Suman and Rishita arrived there. Dhara said she is the real mother of this baby and no one can take it from her. Suddenly bell rings, Rishita was going to open the door. Dhara asked Rishita not to inform police that she is inside the Pandya residence with that baby. Dhara touch Rishita’s feet and request her not to inform anything to police. Rishita opened the door. Gautam and his brothers arrived at the Pandya residence.

Rishita shouted at Dev because his phone was off for the whole day. Dev asked where is Dhara? Rishita said Shiva found Dhara with that baby. Dhara was talking to the baby, Suman asked Shiva to contact the real parents of the baby. Shiva was going out but Dhara stopped him. Gautam arrived in store room and hugs Dhara. Dhara started crying. Gautam asked does she doubts him? Dhara said everyone want to take her baby. Gautam asked Dhara to go to the room. Dhara said she will stay in the store room. Shiva and Suman leaves from there. Suman said we need to return the baby to her real parents.

Krish said Dhara will get affected if we return the baby. Suman asked Krish to contact real parents of baby. Gautam started playing with the baby. Gautam and Dhara get emotional and started crying. Dhara said we had waited for this baby from too long. Gautam said our family want to play with the baby. Shiva was worried about Dhara and Raavi. A woman gave medicine to Raavi and asked her to sleep. That woman move out of the room, suddenly Raavi wake up and decided to go out. Dev said we will handle everything. Dhara and Gautam came out of the store room with the baby.

Krish also arrived at the home. Dhara meets all members of her family and everyone gets emotional. Prafula arrived at Pandya residence and get angry because Pandya family was singing together. Prafula decided to separate Raavi and Shiva. Dhara went to temple and shows gratitude towards God for giving her baby. Krish went out of the house and comes in with the real parents of the baby. Dhara was sitting with Suman, she get shocked after watching the parents of baby. Dhara took that baby and said she is the real mother of this.

Upcoming Story: Shiva went to save Raavi. Prafula went to divorce office and ask the officer to process Shiva and Raavi’s divorce as soon as possible.

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