Qurbaan Hua 10 February 2021 Written Update – Will Neel meet Chahat?

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat completed her work and thought of call Neel. Chahat was unable to call him because of a poor network. Chahat was roaming around in the search of a good network suddenly Chahat stepped on the small pyramid of stones made by children’s. they got angry, and we’re about to throw mud on Chahat. Suddenly Alka came in between them and acknowledged them that she is a doctor, and she had come here to save us from coronavirus. Then Alka climbed up a tree in the search network. Chahat told her to dial my husband’s number.

Neel escaped from Gazala house. Alka called Neel and told him to come to Pipli if you want to meet your wife. Alekh called Neel and said, him to come to Pilpli as we are selling our land for Vyas Ji treatment. Alka’s father came and scolded her for climbing on the tree. His father told her to come down as relatives are coming for your marriage proposal. Chahat congratulated Alka and took the responsibility of dressing her.

Neel arrived over there, and Alekh told him to sign on the papers. Neel. Alekh told Neel not to speak much in front of them. Neel and Alekh went to Narpath’s house. Chahat went out to look for the man who came to marry Alka. Alka was praying to God for blessing her with a good man. They welcomed Neel grandly.

Neel was unaware of everything and feeling wired. They started playing with colours, so Chahat was unable to recognize Neel’s face. Alekh went to Narpath with Neel and signed the papers. While dancing Chahat’s feet flipped, and she fell down. Neel heard her voice and started searching for Chahat. Village ladies took Chahat with them inside the house.

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