Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 16 January 2022 weekly

Sath nibhana Saathiya serial is a sequel of the first season, in which a girl named Gehna who is a maid get married to the owner’s son named Anant. She is struggling to manage all the relationships where everyone is criticising her for being Maid in their house. Due to some circumstances, Anant married Gehna to save her.

We saw that Gehna tries to get romantic with Anant where Anant said that she pushed him away then why she come close to him and leaves from there. Anant comes home drunk where Baa request Gehna to leave Anant where Praful blames Rashika to not breaking his home. Gehna is going somewhere where Baa asks her not to go anywhere where Kanak said that how could she go against Baa. Gehna looses her control and slaps Kanak. Everyone gets Shocked. Kanak decides to take revenge.

Later, Baa asks Hema to follow Gehna where Hema comes to know that Gehna comes to hospital for check up where Hema informs Kanak where Kanak plan something to do. Gehna meets with Rohan where Abhay instructs Rohan to do as he said. Rohan calls her mother and asks her to marry Rohan. Hema informs them that Gehna goes to meet someone where she told that she is having an affair with someone where Kanak manipulates everyone and said that may be she abort her child because of that person. Everyone gets Shocked.

After all this, Gehna comes home and asks about Anant where Praful says that he goes out for one day. Gehna calls him and he cuts her call. She gets Angry and throws Everything here and there. Krishna comes there and asks Gehna that she was not like this. Gehna pushes him away where Tiya takes her to Sapan. Sapan sair that Gehna is suffering from some disorder where Praful said that they have to take care of Gehna.

Later , Gehna is waiting for Anant where Anant comes there where Kanak brings fake doctor who said that Gehna gives him money to make fake report where Gehna said that she didn’t do anything wrong where Gehna calls Abhay and asks him to help where Gehna puts phone on speaker where Abhay told everything but he goes against Gehna where everyone blames Gehna. Gehna gets angry and try to harm Kanak.

Anant takes her to the hospital where Gehna said that she doesn’t want to live in healthcare where Gehna try to jump from the terrace and said that she will die but cannot live without him. Anant asks her to come down so that he love her. Gehna comes down but the doctor takes her away. Baa asks Anant that Gehna will never come back to the home.

Later, Anant goes to meet Gehna where he comes to know that Gehna is not in health care where he sees CCTVand gets Shocked to know that Gehna is Missing where he searches for Gehna. He saw Gehna in car and shouts for her.

Anant comes to Gehna and said that she is his wife where Gehna Said that she doesn’t know him where the public gathers and asks him to leave her where Gehna told Abhay that someone calls her as his wife. Abhay takes Gehna home and punishes her and throws water at her where Gehna tries to find proof. Anant decides to know the truth of Gehna.

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