Shaadi Mubarak 1 March Written Update – KT accused Purti of kidnapping Preeti

At the beginning of the episode, Purti tells the doctor that when I was having my food at that time she gets fainted. The doctor looks at her. She says why are you watching me. She says don’t look at me just check her. That is when she gets a call from a woman. That woman asks Purti what she did this time. Purti asks why? The woman tells her that police is asking for her. Purti gets shocked. She says but I helped a woman then why police are asking for me. The woman says I don’t know about that. Purti says okay don’t worry, I am coming. Later Purti arrives at her house. She gets shocked seeing KT and the police.

KT is shouting and asking her to open the door. Police says but the door is locked from outside, which means she is not in the house. KT says she is a smart girl, she can herself locked the door from outside and hides in the house. Purti is watching all this while hiding behind the car. Later she goes from there. And the same woman who called Purti tells KT that where is Purti. While Purti thinks that KT and Preeti are playing with her. There, at the hospital, Preeti comes to her senses. Doctor asks Preeti to take care of her. Preeti asks who brings me here. The doctor tells her Purti brings you here. Then Preeti goes from the hospital. She is looking for Purti. She called her much time but Purti doesn’t attend her call. Later she thinks to call her last one time. Then again she tries to call her. This time Purti attend her call. Preeti asks Purti where are you. Purti says I will not tell you. She adds that you and you’re husband plotting against me so I will not help you as well.

Preeti says what are you saying. Purti says your husband came to my house with the police. He even accused me of your kidnapping. Preeti gets shocked. She wants to tell something to Purti,  but Purti hangup before Preeti can say anything. Preeti thinks to call KT to clear her misunderstanding, but KT’s phone is out of coverage. There, a man asks Purti what is wrong with her. Purti says that I wanted to help a woman but his husband accused me and filed FIR against me. Then she gives money to him. Man’s eyes get moist. He thanks her for helping her by giving money to him. He says because of you my son is going to school. Later KT comes there. He asks for Purti. But no one tells him anything. He goes from there. But lost his keys so he starts looking for them. That is when he sees Purti and goes to her. He asks her where is Purti. Purti says why you accused me I am helping you and your wife. KT asks what kind of help. Purti reveals that I am going to give birth to your child. KT thinks Purti is lying but then Preeti came to him and tells him that what Purti is saying is right. Kt gets shocked. Episode end.


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