Shaadi Mubarak 12 February 2021 Written Update – KT slaps Neil

At the beginning of the episode, Neil gives everyone chocolate. He gives Priyanka delicious chocolate. Priyanka becomes happy. KT asks where is his chocolate. Neil says he has ordered the best chocolate for both of them. Neil adds alcohol to those chocolates. Priyanka sees this. She asks him why he is doing this. Neil says that KT loves Preeti very much and when he eats this chocolate, he will express his love towards her. Next Preeti and KT feed each other chocolate. KT says its taste is different. Neil says yes because it is special chocolate. KT and Preeti get drunk. Both laugh and eat all the chocolate. Preeti says she wants to drink water. KT says he will bring water.

Preeti says that KT is very good and has gone to get water for her. Next Preeti calls Kusum and tells her that KT loves her but just not accepting it. That’s when KT arrives there. Preeti hangs up the phone. While KT does not give water to Preeti and drinks himself. Preeti laughs on him and says this water is for her. KT brings even more chocolates. They both eat chocolate again. Both of them start roaming around here and there. KT stares at Preeti. He puts chocolate lentils in her mouth. And moves closer to it. Preeti is stunned. They kiss each other.

Preeti wakes up in the morning. She is surprised to see KT beside her. Her head is also hurting. She walks towards the bathroom. And she recalls her amazing moments with KT. She says KT really loves her. She becomes shy and removes the chocolate on her face. She looks at the papers given by Madam. In which she has to write what has happened in the whole day.

KT prepares to move into the company. Preeti is also ready. KT is unable to meet Preeti. Preeti feels sad that KT is not talking to her. KT is leaving the room. Preeti asks him where he is going. He says that he is leaving for work. Sheena tells KT that he should not hurry to the office because she has not even opened the office yet. While KT looks at Neil and slaps him. Everyone is left astounded. KT scolds him. Preeti tells KT to be calm. Kusala remains unmoved. And thinks what happened that KT, why he is so angry on Neil. There KT tells Preeti that because of Neil they ate wrong chocolate and did a mistake by giving kiss each other. Preeti stands shocked. Episode end.

Shaadi Mubarak 12 February 2021 Written Update : केटी ने नील को थप्पड़ मारा।

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