Shaadi Mubarak 6 April 2021 Spoiler – KT saves junior Preeti

Star Plus’s popular show Shaadi Mubarak is keeping their audience hooked to their television. In the last episode of Shaadi Mubarak, we saw Preeti win the competition even though Vishal tries hard to make her lose the competition. He even put lots of chilly power in her pani puri. Which KT notice and then later he confronts him. Both accuse each other and KT even gives him the tight punch. Afterward angry Vishal asks Preeti to leave his house. Preeti doesn’t want to get away as she promised Shikha that she wouldn’t leave small Preeti at any cost. Vishal throws her out. Preeti cries over it and KT tries to comfort her. Then only he gets to know that Preeti is not married and that child is also not her’s.

In the upcoming episode, we gonna see that Vishal tells Preeti that junior Preeti has ran-away from the house. KT and Preeti will find her in danger. Junior Preeti is about to fall from the roof but KT will save her. Preeti hugs junior Preeti saying she will die without her.

What will Vishal do next? Will Preeti get back to Chotti Preeti?

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