Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki 12 February 2021 Written Update – Heer meets an accident

At the beginning of the episode, Parmeet tells Isha that Heer is going to come. Isha asks if Heer is coming forever. Virat is happy to hear Heer’s name. He calls Heer. Isha goes to him. Isha says if Heer was so great that he would let her go. Akshay comes to meet Angel there. Heer also follows her. She says if Akshay meets Angel then everything will be messed up. There Isha says Virat has still kept Heer’s clothes. She cannot waste anymore so she will leave from here. Parmeet says as long as she is alive she will not let this happen. She gives Isha her mangalsutra. And says that Isha will be Virat’s wife. Heer is there, she wants to stop Akshay from meeting Angel. She throws a trolley at Akshay. But Akshay escapes from it. Heer gets upset. She says Akshay’s phone has a photo of him. She drops her phone. His phone breaks. Heer is happy to hear this.

Akshay goes to the eunuch’s house. He asks if he knows Heer. She refuses. Heer who is watching her is wondering why the woman lied. He goes from there. While Preeto is in Kinnar’s clothes. And she lies that she does not know Heer. Harak says it was good that he had come here. Harak recounts how both of them had reached here. While Akshay suspects Heer, he goes after her. Next Akshay gets a call from the hospital, then he leaves from there. Heer takes advantage of the opportunity and runs away. While on the way he gets an accident. Virat shouts. She checks and says that Virat is fine. Parmeet says that she will never let Heer belong to Virat. Heather’s accident becomes there. Harak and Preeto see this. He takes Heer to the hospital. He gets Akshay in the hospital. He is shocked to see her. He is shocked to see Heer. Akshay asks Harak if she knows Heer. He says no. Akshay takes him. Preeto is worried. She says what will happen if Heer finds out the truth at the time of checkup. Harak tells him not to worry.

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