Yeh Hain Chahtein 9 April 2021 Written Update – CC suspects Jerry

At the beginning of the episode, Preesha looks sad and Ahana and others asks what the kidnappers want now, more money. Preesha says no they doesn’t want more money. Ahana says you are looking damn nervous, so tell me what they want. Preesha yells on her saying don’t bother her. Ahana asks her more questions but Sharada asks her to stop. She says do not trouble her more. Ahana steps back. Sharda says we should put money on the safe. Sulochana says Kabir will do it but Sharda takes keys from her hand says Preesha will handle it. They leaves from there. Ahana asks them to think who has kidnapped Rudra. Sulochana says I am thinking that only.

Ahana says she doesn’t think so. On the other hand, Sharda asks Preesha tell me what happened. Preesha says kidnappers want Saransh. Sharda steps back in shock and asks what and why. She adds who can get benefits from Sharansh. Preesha says only Mahima akka can get benefits. Sharda says but she is in the jail then how can she do it. Preesha says she can do anything. She thinks to meet police. Kabir calls CC and asks him if he find out Rudra. CC answers in no. He adds that we should work calmly and need to think who can do it. Kabir nods in yes. He tells Sulochana that CC is not cheating on him.

He also doesn’t know where is Rudra. Sulochana gets shocked. Preesha goes to meet Police. And asks him to tell her where is Mahima. Then police calls in the other police station. He asks them where is Mahima. They says our jail is on fire so we can’t give you any information. Preesha says only Mahima can do it. They then goes from there and find out about fire incident and says Mahima can only work like this. She plotted like this. Jerry asks Maria why Mahima want Saransh. Maria says don’t care about that. As soon we will get money and then we live happily. Mahima smirks and says once I will get my Saransh then I will kill both of you. Later CC asks Jerry why you are looking so happy. He says he just met Maria that is why he is looking happy. CC asks fine bring some food for me. Jerry leaves. While a man arrives there and tells CC about the fire incident. CC now suspects Jerry. On the other hand Preesha goes to Saransh and share some good time with him. Episode end.

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