Yeh Hain Chahtein 9 June 2021 Written Update – Rudra saved Devika

Star Plus’s popular show Yeh Hai Chahte is entertaining the viewers very well with its amazing plot. Also, Show’s upcoming twists and turns are good treats for the viewers.

At the beginning of the episode Arman gives puppy to Anvi as her birthday gift .Arman recalls ,how Preesha convinced him to bring puppy. He recalls that Preesha explained him, Anvi has” Thalassemia” so she will be happy to get puppy and will stay active also.Arman thanked and said to Preesha for giving new life to Anvi.Preesha said that Anvi give her new life and said she couldn’t save Saransh but she will never let happen anything to her and her happiness and love is the only aim of her life.She also said Arman to keep your hatred aside and consider Anvi’s love and gave her puppy.
Anvi thanks to Preesha and Preesha says now you have to take care of puppy like she take care of her.

Harman Devika’s friend appraised her that she is looking hot .Devika says today is last day of internship, we must enjoy.Rudra comes there and put envelope in the hands of Devika and says “this is the bill which you have to pay for your anger”. Devika wants to leave from there and says she will pay later.Rudra stops her and says “You have to make payment right now”.Devika rudly said before leaving hotel she will make payment of Rudra attitude too.
Vasu ask Preesha to tell “where she was , how she was living her life in these 6 months and how she met Arman? Preesha replied it’s destiny and explained how Arman saved her.Anvi doesn’t have mother and she needs mother like Saransh once did.She found Saransh in Anvi. Arman uncle says Arman to express his feelings to Preesha and proposed her for marriage as they are already married couple to the society anyway.Arman replies that he can’t name his relationship but it’s complete on its own and he doesn’t want to ruin this priceless relationship with things like marriage and love. He also admits that he loves Preesha but he knows that Preesha doesn’t feel for him.Vasu says to Preesha that you all three can be a family and requests her to marry to Arman.But Preesha refused her request and explains ,they both are friends only and she doesn’t have any feelings for Arman and she doesn’t want to fall in love again.


In the hotel party Devika danced with Harman. Harman mixed something in Devika’s drink and tells to himself that tonight will be a colouful night and whatever he will do with her,she won’t even realize but next morning her life will be change.Devika started feeling dizzy and come out from there with Harman.Harman starts misbehaviour with her.Rudra comes and stops him and says she is her guest and he will not happened anything bad with her. Harman runs away after fight. Devika becomes unconscious and Rudra picks up her and make her lay on her hotel room.
Next morning Devika see Rudra in her room and throw a pillow and threatenes that she will complaint and will sue him and the entire hotel staff.Rudrs yells and says that you are speaking nonsense since you woke up.Devika says” You people always try to take advantage of a lonely girl.Rudra stops her and tells that her friends wants to take advantage .Devika recalls everything.

Preesha sees that Anvi’s room is messed. Anvi tells that this is done by ” Toffee” .Preesha explains her that we need to stop others from doing wrong and need to teach them right.

Devika calls Preesha and tells her fight with Rudra and yesterday reverse happened and Rudra saved her.Preesha advise her that she must apologize and thanks to him.Devika admire Preesha and gives her consent.

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