Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 15 January 2022 written update – Akshu  Contemplates 

In the beginning of the episode, In the morning, Goenka brings Akshu home and puts her to bed. Harshwardhan and Anand fix the wedding date for tomorrow and leave. Akshu wakes the next day and says to Arohi that before the accident she asked her question that she didn’t reply to, so she wants the truth. She tells her about the college admission. She says to her that she shouldn’t lie to Abhimanyu as he will get hurt. Arohi gets the call from the college Akshu hears Arohi’s conversation with someone about the exams and contemplates her decision of leaving Abhimanyu for Arohi’s sake. Abhimanyu gets anxious as the time gets close and meditates, while Neil tries to give him a reality check and make him realise that his decision to marry Arohi is wrong.

Both Abhimanyu and Akshu struggle to move on after knowing the wedding date. The families prepare for the wedding while both of them are sad. Akshu in her room asks herself should she let the wedding happen as she loves Abhimanyu and he loves her. While Arohi doesn’t even love him. She thinks to herself that she is destroying three lives by her decision. Meanwhile, Arohi prepares for her exams. She thinks to herself that she’ll manage the exams but she says that only Akshu doesn’t do anything.

Abhimanyu thinks to himself that he should go to the hospital to keep himself busy as he is both able to think straight. Mahima says to her family that Manjuri has left them a task to do behind her, they have to for auspicious reasons take a little turmeric touched on him to the bride’s house. Anand asks him to touch the turmeric paste, he does and then leaves for the hospital.

Kairav sees Akshu lost, and asks her what happened. Suhasini asks her what she is hiding. Before Akshu could reply, Arohi from behind says that Akshu is worried that the wedding won’t spoil because of her. Neil  brings the turmeric paste and at Goenka’s gate he thinks to himself that he has to manage and put the turmeric first on  Akshu. He trips over Akshu and she to protect herself and get the turmeric on herself. Arohi scolds him to be careful. Later, Neil asks Akshu to talk to Abhimanyu once as the truth might be bitter for now but their lives will be sweet.

Abhimanyu reaches the hospital and brings some files in which he also carries the photo from the Shiver in which it is seen that Akshu helped Abhimanyu instead of Arohi. He drops the file and when picks it up the photo remains right in front of her.

Upcoming- Akshu at the haldi function says to Arohi she doesn’t even wish to put the paste on her as she is lying to her future husband. Abhimanyu sees the photo of Akshu saving him from the fire instead of Arohi, he gets very upset.

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