Udaariyaan 20 January 2022 written update: Jasmine puts forth her demand

At the beginning of the episode, Jasmine was acting over smart and say’s something is missing. Then she suddenly asks where is the lady boss Tejo. On the other hand, Tejo slapped Angad as he was telling her that Fateh is not a good guy he is cheating her. While she was leaving from there Angad fell down and started crying. Tejo came running to him and tells him to control himself.

Rupy tells Jasmine to stop her nonsense. She tells him not to shout. Satti was telling Jasmine that Tejo did a lot for her. Jasmine says she is only responsible for her condition. Angad tells Tejo to go far from him as he is doesn’t want to harm. He went off from there. Tejo followed him. Angad said he is not doing all this intentionally as he can’t hurt her because he love’s her. He tells her that he is very alone in his life and this made him mad after she went off.

Jasmine says Amrik is looking very weak make him eat something. Fateh tells her to come to the point. Jasmine says she wants all of them to apologize her. She says at first they have to accept her as Vricks daughter-in-law. Nimmo curses her for being after their son’s. Jasmine tells Simran that she can understand her pain ad their story is the same. Satti asks why she wants to come back as she hates everyone. Jasmine says she is having another level of swag doing differently from others. Angad apologies to Tejo.

Khusveer asks what’s her next demand. Jasmine said she want security. He asked what security. She told them she want a stake in this house. Dadi says what nonsense she is speaking. Khusveer told her she won’t get a brick od this house. Jasmine tells Amrik to convince them or else he will get hanging punishment. Rupy tells Jasmine to leave from here and forgive him. Jasmine say’s she want her revenge and she will take it. Fateh tells Jasmine that she won’t get anything and get lost from here. Jasmine tells Amrik that they don’t care about you as she is just wants her right which Fateh snatched from her. Fateh drags her out of the house. Jasmine warns him that she won’t get Tejo at any cost.

Amrik tells Fateh that she will spoil his life. Fateh tells him to believe him nothing won’t happen. Amrik eas very scared and request Fateh to marry her as this is the last option. Khusveer tells Amrik that he won’t marry that girl and hr won’t let her come back to this house. Amrik went off from there saying that he will find his own way. Gurpreet started crying. Satti apologies on behalf of Jasmine. Tejo came back home and got to know that Jasmine did something. Rupy was telling them not to worry he will try to convince him. Khusveer blames Rupy for the condition. Fateh calms his dad. He told Fateh to tell them go from here he will hire a good lawyer for Amrik.