Aditya Shukla opens up on being part of Dangal TV’s Ishq Ki Daastan Naagmani

Actor Aditya Shukla, who plays the role of Manmohan in Dangal TV’s Ishq Ki Daastan Naagmani, says that he loves playing his role. There are a lot of similarities between him and his character, says the actor.

“My character in the show is loving, loyal and caring. These are the qualities that I share the most with my character. Of course, strength and anger as well but that, I guess, depends on the situation,” he says, adding, “I bond with my character the most. And then, the director Randeep sir, who helps me understand the character in detail. I also bond with Pavitra Punmiya, who plays Mohini, and Neha Yadav, who plays Rambha, as the three of us share so much screen time together. That has helped us bond very well. Aditya Redji is someone who I share a very good bond with as there is so much to learn from him. But I also love to talk to everyone else on set as I am very interested to see how people view me and that helps me learn more about myself. This helps me see parts of myself that are hidden to me.”

The actor says that this show will always be special to him. “My career has barely begun so, currently, the landmark is that I am grateful to god, the industry and the channel. There is still a long way to go but the good part is that the journey has begun,” he says.

Ask him what is the best thing about the entertainment industry, and he says, “That it’s entertaining not just for the audience but for us actors too. We, as actors, are always working on new ways to woo the hearts and minds of our audience and give them value for their time and attention.”

He adds, “The industry is very welcoming and it gives me huge scope to bring out my versatility as an actor. That aspect of the industry never allows me to feel the pressure that I am in competition with anyone as I am doing my work to the best of my capabilities and learning and growing as an actor and person.”

Talking about his experience of working with Dangal TV, he says, “I am very grateful to the channel for giving me this break and it has been a wonderful experience to work with the channel. I see the responsibility that they proudly carry on their shoulders of delivering apt content that will entertain our viewers. One of the working mottos of the channel that I have also imbibed in me is to keep the audience in mind and work for them. We work for our viewers, to provide a wonderful and entertaining experience for each and every one of them.”

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