Akanksha Gilani talks about working in Nath Zeevar Ya Zanjeer on Dangal TV

Akanksha Gilani is inundated with calls and messages on her social media page about her track in Dangal TV’s Nath – Zevar Ya Zanjeer. Let us tell those who have been waiting with bated breath to catch a glimpse of their favourite Poonam bua on the show, Akanksha, who plays the part, will soon be back. Her track has been put on hold after the show took a time leap of five years in June.

But it doesn’t mean that Akanksha has moved on from the character. She says, “My family, friends, and followers on Instagram and Facebook have appreciated my work in the show and they keep asking me when Poonam bua will return to the show. I relate to the character. Poonam bua is smart and practical like me. But she is emotional, too. She is always concerned about her mom and sisters just like me.”

When she is shooting, she hardly gets time for herself. That’s when her supportive family comes into the picture. She shares, “It does get difficult to manage everything at times but my family, especially my husband, is extremely supportive. They always appreciate my hard work and commitment towards my work, which is my passion.”

Lastly, we ask her about her experience working for Dangal TV. “Not just Nath – Zeevar Ya Zanjeer, I was also a part of their other show, Rakshaban – Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal. If I am taking up back-to-back shows on Dangal TV, it means that the association has been amazing. I am grateful to the channel for considering me for their projects and I am looking forward to working with them again,” she ends on a positive note.

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