Akash Sharma opens up on his love for travelling!

Doctor, fitness model and professional boxer Akash Sharma loves to travel and says that it really helps him relax. He adds that one must take a break from our fast-paced lives and travel.

“Traveling is my passion because I feel it is a big stress buster and we get to know different cultures. As leading a fast metro life and demanding profession. I cannot take out a long time for a holiday. But I love to take small well-organized holidays in places close to nature and peace. These serve a good rejuvenation for me and nutrition for my mind,” he says.

Talking about his last vacation, he says, “I took my last vacation to Thailand for 8- 10 days in which I did lots of sports activities as I am a professional athlete – it puts new life in me. The last short holiday I took was to Dubai for 3-4 days as this country fascinates me – the way it has developed and the magic is with development, it is still peaceful, there is a certain attractive aura about it. I travelled solo to mountain hiking as there I feel that being very close to nature gives you a lot of inner peace. One very interesting experience was in the deep jungle of mountains, lost my way and as expected the network was zero. But I loved exploring and finally found my way by late evening full of thirst and hunger pangs but enjoyable.”

Ask him which are his dream destinations, and he says, “Now my dream holiday destination is Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya as wildlife is my passion. I am fascinated to see animals’ behaviour and how they express themselves, it’s so mesmerizing. And second is Jamaica as it is a land of wood and water with lots of nature reserves, beautiful springs and waterfalls. It is on a large underwater mountain, and is fascinating.”