Banni Chow Home Delivery 10th September 2022 Written Update

At the beginning, Yuvan asks Manini to close her eyes and tells her that he has a surprise for her. Manini agrees. Everyone gets shocked by his change. Yuvan plays piano. Banni asks Devraj what is happening. Devraj says Yuvan gets his mom’s memories of seeing Piano and he vows to never touch it but doesn’t know what happened today as he broke his promise. Hemant comes out and feels happy seeing Yuvan playing the piano. Manini hugs Yuvan. Hemant feels happy.

Banni takes Manini aside and asks her what she did to make Yuvan call her mother. Manini says she doesn’t know and seems like Yuvan noticed my change. Banni tells her that very soon she will find out what happened as I know that her heart is black. Manini goes to Yuvan. Devraj asks Banni if she gets to know anything. Banni says Manini didn’t reveal anything but I feel Manini acted well all these days to get Yuvan’s trust. Devraj asks why Manini needs Yuvan with her. Banni says she will find it.

Myra tells Palak that she is happy to see the bond between Yuvan and Manini. She asks Palak if she is listening. Palak asks her to not disturb her as she needs to top exams. Alapana asks Veer how Yuvan changed suddenly. Veer says Manini can do anything.

Banni takes milk to Yuvan. Yuvan asks her why she looks stressed. He tells her he wants her to be happy always. He makes her play the piano. Banni enjoys the music. He goes close to her while making her play it. Banni feels shy. She gets up and asks why he started liking Manini suddenly. Yuvan says it’s secret and I can’t tell you. Banni says we decided to share everything then how can you hide any secret.

Yuvan says true. Manini hears it and knocks on the door to interrupt them. Yuvan feels happy seeing Manini. Manini gives clothes to Yuvan and Banni for the next day Janmashtami. Yuvan feels happy seeing the moon on his dress and tell tells her that he will wear it. Manini takes Yuvan with her telling him she will tell him Krishna Ji’s story. She asks Banni to get her tea.

Yuvan tells Manini that he doesn’t like to hide their secret from Banni. Manini asks him to never share it with anyone. Banni notices cloth in the waste of Manini’s room and she notices Manini tried so much to learn the moon symbol. Later in the night, Yuvan feels bad for hiding his secret.

Banni asks him to tell them what she wants to say but Yuvan doesn’t reveal her. Banni thinks it’s not to force him. The next day, Banni sees Yuvan with Manini. She calls to him to decorate the swing for Krishna Ji. Yuvan makes Banni wear the jasmine flowers. She says they need to decorate the swing. Yuvan says you’re Radha and I’m Krishna. They dance happily. Devraj feels happy. Myra tells Banni that her customers are here. Customers confront Banni for sending them bad food.

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